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Net Revenue Retention Formula Examples

What is net revenue retention (NRR)? Formula, examples

Net revenue retention is a metric that helps to measure cumulative revenue retained from existing customers by examining revenue.
Praveenkumar Revankar
8 min read
Customer Retention Rate: Meaning, Formula, How To Calculate

Customer retention rate: Meaning, formula, how to calculate

While many product managers focus on gaining new customers as fast as possible, it doesn’t do much for overall business growth...
Sara Nguyen
8 min read
What Is Product Instrumentation How To Implement

Guide to product instrumentation for product managers

Instrumentation is the process of defining data events and setting up tools to collect and process these events.
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
5 User Activation Metrics: Formulas And Strategies To Improve

5 user activation metrics every PM should track

Activation is a critical part of every product experience. Higher activation leads to higher retention and more engaged users, ultimately leading...
Bart Krawczyk
7 min read
What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of improving the performance of a website, landing page, or app by increasing visitor action....
Salma A S
10 min read
What Is Quantitative Analysis Examples

What is quantitative analysis? Definition, examples, and pitfalls to avoid

In this article, you will learn what quantitative analysis is, the different types of analysis tools, and how to implement them.
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
What is a profit and loss statement? Examples and template

What is a profit and loss statement? Examples and template

Creating accurate P&L statements helps you understand whether your expenses are worth their cost. Otherwise, you won't know what's causing the...
Sara Nguyen
5 min read
11 Best Tools And Software For Product Managers

11 product management tools every PM should have in their stack

There are countless tools that product managers can use to streamline a wide range of tasks, such as roadmapping, wireframing, user...
Shehab Beram
14 min read
What Are Behavioral Analytics How To Use Them

Using behavioral analytics to create a great product experience

Behavioral analytics are a powerful way to identify and build creative solutions, make informed decisions, and optimize your user experience.
Corina Stirbu
6 min read
Qualitative Analysis: Harnessing Data To Understand Your Users

Qualitative analysis: Harnessing data to understand your users

Discover the art of generating user insights with qualitative analysis. Learn the process, techniques, and how to combine with quantitative analysis.
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
What Is Odds Ratio Analysis

What is odds ratio analysis?

In this article you will learn what odds ratio analysis is, how to calculate it, and strategies for testing the strength...
Bart Krawczyk
4 min read
What Are Daily Active Users And What Is A Good DAU?

What are daily active users and what is a good DAU?

DAU is the total number of unique users who visit or interact with a platform daily. Examples of interactions could be...
Titilayo Adeyemi
7 min read