Matt Arbesfeld

  CEO @ LogRocket


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LogRocket: DVR for JavaScript apps

Understanding problems in web apps is hard. Between mysterious JavaScript errors, user-reported bugs, and issues caught in QA, there’s a constant struggle to get...
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Robust, scalable tests for React applications

For many years I dreaded front end development. It’s not because I don’t love making products or writing CSS, but rather it was virtually...
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JavaScript Testing: Chai (Part 1)

At LogRocket, nearly our entire code base is JavaScript. Over the years, we have learned a good amount about the lesser-known features of JavaScript...
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Log-Driven Development with Redux

How many times have you been asked by a product manager “how often is this feature being used?” Or there’s a mysterious crash in...
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LogRocket Preview Release

We are thrilled to announce the preview release of LogRocket! With LogRocket, developers and support agents can quickly understand the cause of every bug...
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