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Conversion funnel analysis: How to optimize your customer journey

In this guide, we’ll define what the conversion funnel is, outline its three main levels and four stages, and walk through steps to analyze...
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What is a North Star metric (NSM)?

North Star metrics make teams focus on a single goal and prevents them from unintentionally working against each other on different goals.
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Product recommendation techniques that drive growth

With the growing competition of e-commerce platforms, OTT channels, or B2C applications, activating and retaining customers revolves around how well customers are engaged.
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What is a prioritization matrix? Definition, examples, template

A prioritization matrix provides visual insight into what should be completed first. Different prioritization matrices are popularly known as problem prioritization, feature prioritization, etc.
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What is product-led growth? Strategies, principles, and examples

Product-led growth puts the product at the center of everything the organization does. Learn how product-led companies enable growth by focusing on creating an...
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What is product experience? Examples and how to improve PX

Best practices to create a good product experience include gathering customer feedback, adhering to quality, following user-centered design (UCD) principles, and applying data-driven product...
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