Suhasini Gadam

  With over a decade of experience, I help companies develop product and marketing strategies with a data-driven approach to grow revenue quickly in a scalable manner. I also love to read, write, learn, hike, swim, and travel!


9 Stories by Suhasini Gadam

How to avoid burnout in your PM role

Recognizing the warning signs and identifying the root causes of burnout goes a long way toward protecting your productivity — not to mention your...
0 7 min read

What is an action plan? Steps, template, and examples

All in all, an action plan (especially when finely tuned and strategic) complements your product strategy by providing an actionable roadmap to success.
0 10 min read

Understanding Conway’s law

When you embrace Conway's law and understand its influences on organizational structure and social dynamics, you can benefit from its direct correlation with product...
0 8 min read

What is penetration pricing? Definition and pricing strategy examples

Pricing is one of the hardest puzzles product managers have to solve, especially when there's a lot of uncertainty.
1 10 min read

The product process matrix (PPM): Definition, examples, and template

Though originally designed for manufacturing, the product process matrix (PPM) can help digital PMs streamline production operations and estimate their company's unique standing in...
0 11 min read

What is product architecture and how to define it

Learn what a product architecture is, how to define it, and ways to structure and organize your product to optimize the user experience.
0 8 min read

What is a mockup? Definition, types, and how to create one

A mockup is a visual representation of an idea. In software development, mockups are often used to communicate the product vision across teams.
0 7 min read

What is a customer advisory board? Best practices, agenda, benefits

A customer advisory board is a great way to validate your assumptions with actual qualitative data from people who use the product regularly.
0 7 min read

What is iterative and incremental development? Process, examples

Review what iterative and incremental development means, weigh the pros and cons, and see how an iterative and incremental development process works in practice...
1 6 min read