Daniel Schwarz

  Previously, design blog editor at Toptal and SitePoint. Now I advocate for better UX design alongside industry leaders such as Adobe, InVision, Marvel, Wix, Net Magazine, CreativeBloq, CSS-Tricks, and more.


12 Stories by Daniel Schwarz

How to transform product culture with paper prototyping

Paper prototyping is really “just sketching,” but it can actually be an incredibly powerful process when used to its full potential.
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AI in UX design: How to leverage AI and how far it’ll get you

Let's take a look at the AI tools out there, how they can be used in a UX design setting, and how effective they...
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A guide to design concepts: Mockups, wireframes, and more

Design concepts are the first step in creating a great product. They enable product teams to discover and fix problems long before the development...
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Price sensitivity analysis: How much is your product worth?

Learn about the two main types of price sensitivity surveys and how to use them to determine how much customers are willing to pay...
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How to design nondestructive cancel buttons

What can we do as UX designers to ensure users have an easy time canceling, deleting, clearing, returning to a previous state, etc.?
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A guide to visual hierarchy in UX design

Visual hierarchy is incredibly powerful, and you can implement it just by applying some pretty common style properties.
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Understanding sunk costs in product management

Product managers must learn how to estimate the gravitas of their decisions and how to cut losses gracefully (with minimal damage) when they inevitably...
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How to style scroll snap points with CSS

Scroll snapping is an interaction enhancement and is now a native CSS feature that helps users snap to certain scroll points.
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How to design CTA buttons: UX best practices

Learn to design a CTA button with affordance, accessibility, aesthetics, and visual hierarchy in mind for an improved CTR.
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A guide to creating and sharing public product roadmaps

Sharing product roadmaps publicly garners transparency and support. Product roadmaps prove progression and that you as a team and product are worth the continued...
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What should a modern CSS boilerplate look like?

We review the must-have features and characteristics of a modern CSS boilerplate to get your CSS running in seconds.
2 6 min read

Customer exit surveys for products: How and what to ask

The purpose of a customer exit survey is not to discover all of the opportunities for improvement, just the critical issues causing customers to...
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