Daniel Schwarz

  Previously, design blog editor at Toptal and SitePoint. Now I advocate for better UX design alongside industry leaders such as Adobe, InVision, Marvel, Wix, Net Magazine, CreativeBloq, CSS-Tricks, and more.


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Managing design debt: Strategies for sustainable user experience

Here's what design debt is, how cutting corners leads to it, why that’s a bad thing, and what can be done to avoid it.
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How to design bottom sheets for optimized user experience

Here, you’ll learn what bottom sheets are, when and why they’re useful, and how to make them as usable and as accessible as possible.
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4 simple but effective ways to use affinity mapping

Affinity mapping is the process of organizing qualitative data into groups in order to make more sense of it.
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A guide to brand extension strategies

A brand extension is an independent brand that’s separate from the main brand and any other brand extensions.
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Design constraints: Why they’re actually useful

Design constraints are limitations on what designers can do with a design. They can feel like a bad thing, but they can be useful.
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What is multivariate testing and when should we use it?

Multivariate testing is a type of testing where multiple variables are tested at once, unlike A/B testing where only one variable is tested at...
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What is a project sponsor? Definition and examples

A project sponsor oversees projects and ensures that they advance the business’s goals, missions, and overall vision.
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5 best design handoff tools for simple design-to-code

Design handoff is the process of handing off designs to developers for them to implement, and it requires the right tools.
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How to craft a visual aesthetic the right way

Learn how to avoid loading up designs with too many decorative elements and craft a visual aesthetic that looks good without impacting UX.
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How to use Figma branching properly

Branching in Figma is perfect for helping collaborators work within the same space, enabling multiple teams to work on multiple branches.
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Social loafing: What it is and how teams can overcome it

Managing individual social loafers isn’t too difficult; it’s when teams are made up of multiple personality types that things start to get complicated.
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How to gain a sustainable competitive advantage

A sustainable competitive advantage is a competitive advantage that you’re can maintain for at least the foreseeable future, ensuring that your competitors are unlikely...
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