Monica Dhiman I am passionate about solving business problems by bringing the team together and removing impediments. I started my career as a business analyst before moving into product management. I am a Certified Scrum Master and I also write my thoughts about product management at


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Boss vs. leader: The difference and why it matters

While a boss can manage tasks and enforce rules and deadlines, a leader motivates and inspires their team by fostering a collaborative work environment...
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Guide to using S-curves in project management

The S-curve is a widely used project management tool to track and analyze progress. Learn how an S-curve graph can help PMs make the...
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How to price your product in 4 steps

Determining the right price for products requires careful consideration. Setting the price too low can result in missed revenue, while setting it too high...
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What is convergent thinking and how is it used?

In this article we discuss convergent thinking in product management and how to incorporate it into the product development process
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Captive product pricing: How to accessorize core products

If you have the right combination of core and accessory products, a captive product pricing strategy can be a great tool.
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Software testing lifecycle phases: Alpha, beta, and general availability

The software testing lifecycle consists of multiple phases, including alpha, beta, and general availability, designed to enhance the user experience.
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What is a business case and how to write one (with template)

We’ll define what a business case is, help you determine when you need one (and when you don’t), and walk you through a four-step...
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Cohort analysis: How to reduce churn and improve retention

Discover how the insights gathered in a cohort analysis can help you identify the right steps to reduce churn and improve your retention rate.
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What is a perceptual map and how to build one (template)

A perceptual map is a visual aid that shows how consumers perceive a product compared to its competitors in the market.
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What is a technology roadmap: A guide with examples

Roadmaps are often associated with product roadmaps, but all teams can use them to communicate strategy, areas of focus, and timelines for implementing their...
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Understanding the Kano model

The Kano model helps in understanding customers’ needs and prioritizes potential features on the roadmap based on the value they're expected to deliver to...
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What is the scrumban methodology and how to implement it?

Scrumban combines the structure and predictability of scrum with the flexibility and visualization of kanban to make agile teams more efficient and productive and...
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