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Swift extensions: An overview with examples

Extensions in Swift are a way to add your functionality to types you do not own. This overview will show you how they work.
Rudrank Riyam
3 min read

Theming React components with Tailwind CSS

Learn how to use Tailwind CSS to create a scalable, themeable library for your React project.
Brett Fisher
8 min read

Using SQLite with React Native 

SQLite, a C-language library, is a popular datastore for mobile applications. Connect a SQLite library to a React Native app with TypeScript.
Dilantha Prasanjith
6 min read

Build a Rust + WebAssembly frontend web app with…

WebAssembly has made it possible to build frontend apps in Rust. Now, learn to build a simple web app with Rust and Yew, powered...
Mario Zupan
11 min read

Type casting in Swift 

Use type casting operators in Swift to add generalizations that make it easy and fast to run routine tasks like loops.
Ryan Black
5 min read

Building a card widget in Flutter

Learn how to combine standard Flutter widgets to create even more customizable and performant apps in this step-by-step card widget tutorial.
Chinedu Imoh
5 min read

How to create a grid list in Flutter using…

Using the GridView class in Flutter, you can show data in a grid format. Learn how you can implement this in your Flutter app.
Pinkesh Darji
4 min read

Comparing the top zero-runtime CSS-in-JS libraries

Check out the top zero-runtime CSS-in-JS libraries. Learn about their benefits to improve your styling and simplify your writing process.
Suraj Vishwakarma
5 min read

tinyhttp vs. Express.js: Comparing Node.js frameworks

This guide compares a commonly used framework for building web applications with Node.js, Express.js, with tinyhttp, a popular alternative.
Shubham Kumar
4 min read

Creating dialogs in Flutter

Create alert dialogs, custom dialogs, and full-screen dialogs in Flutter for a better user experience in your mobile applications.
Ishan Fernando
4 min read

Designing a URL-based query syntax for GraphQL

See how to design a single-line URL-based query syntax for GraphQL servers that is simple to read and write.
Leonardo Losoviz
13 min read

Using Xamarin.Essentials to manage phone calls and SMS

See how Xamarin.Essentials sets up users to create phone calls and SMS interactions directly within your app.
Leomaris Reyes
3 min read