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Using Fitt’s law to effectively guide users through your…

Use Fitt's law to determine the best placement of information in your desktop and mobile apps with these tips and examples.
Srikar Suresh
7 min read

Build a Kanban board with dnd kit and React

Learn how to use dnd kit, an alternative to react-beautiful-dnd, to design drag-and-drop patterns for your React apps!
Rahul Padalkar
7 min read

3 free Heroku alternatives to deploy a Node.js app

Build a simple, framework-free Node.js app, and then deploy it to three different services that offer a free tier, Render, Railway, and Fly.io.
Alex Merced
3 min read

Using the CSS :modal pseudo-selector

Learn how to use the awesome and powerful :modal CSS pseudo-selector to intrinsically detect modal elements.
Lawrence Eagles
5 min read

The best tools to create effective toggle buttons

Explore what a toggle button is, learn when to use a toggle button, and find the tools that help you create effective toggles.
Chris Kernaghan
11 min read

Using Whisper for speech recognition in React Native

Learn how to use Whisper, a speech recognition tool, to create a speech-to-text application with React Native.
David Ekanem
13 min read

How to run Laravel with Docker Compose on Ubuntu…

Learn how to run the Laravel framework with Docker Compose on Ubuntu v22.04 using the Backpack Laravel package.
Geshan Manandhar
10 min read

Using Flutter Rust Bridge for cross-platform development

Creating a Flutter app with native Rust functionality can be useful for many reasons. Let's explore how with Flutter Rust Bridge.
Lewis Cianci
11 min read

Getting started with RegexBuilder on Swift

Learn how to build regular expressions using Swift’s RegexBuilder, and review Regex concepts such as quantifiers and components.
Arjuna Sky Kok
6 min read

Comparing Wayne.js with Express.js for service worker routing

In this article, we will describe how to export a simple REST API from Express.js to Wayne.js for service worker routing.
Rosario De Chiara
5 min read

Exploring competitive features in Node.js v18 and v19

Two new runtimes, Deno and Bun, have brought a lot of hype for the features they present over Node. Learn how Node stacks up...
Stanley Ulili
6 min read

Understanding grid-template-columns in CSS

The grid-template-columns property is just a small part of the CSS Grid. To understand this property, you first need to have an understanding of...
Samuel Martins
5 min read