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Using Dexie.js in React apps for offline data storage

Dexie.js is a minimalistic wrapper for the IndexedDB API to handle offline data storage in our web applications.
Ebenezer Don
8 min read

Flutter push notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging

We break down how to integrate Flutter push notifications into your mobile app with Firebase Cloud Messaging in this step-by-step guide.
Souvik Biswas
10 min read

What is Vlang? An introduction

V, aka "Vlang," has a more readable and simpler syntax than many other frameworks, making it clean and easy to use.
Victor Jonah
3 min read

React Native and Expo SecureStore: Encrypt local data

Create a React Native project and use Expo SecureStore to store local data in iOS and Android that's encrypted and secure.
Clayton Francis
11 min read

Flutter TabBar: A complete tutorial with examples

TabBar enables you to improve the UX of your Flutter app by organizing content with tabs for users to tap and scroll through.
Pinkesh Darji
4 min read

React Native icons and fonts with react-native-vector-icons

We'll walk you through how to set up a bare-bones React Native project with TypeScript, configure react-native-vector-icons and link custom fonts with zero native...
Clayton Francis
6 min read

How to auto-deploy frontend applications to Surge using continuous…

Learn how to deploy frontend applications to Surge with Git hooks and Travis CI, a tool for continuous integration and deployment.
Okewole Oluwatobi
4 min read

Build mobile applications with Fuse Open and JavaScript

Learn to build your first mobile app with Fuse Open and the Fuse ecosystem, which is easy to learn, fun to code, and incredibly...
Dominik Sobe
11 min read

Node.js, Express.js, and MySQL: A step-by-step REST API example

Use Node.js and the relational database MySQL to build a REST API with the Express.js framework.
Geshan Manandhar
11 min read

Managing network connection status in React Native

The NetInfo library offers tools for managing network connection state. This may increase engagement among users with poor web connection.
Vijit Ail
5 min read

Kotlin vs. Flutter: A guide

What's Flutter, what's Kotlin, and what should you use when developing your next mobile app? Learn more in this article.
Eshiet Ekemini
6 min read

Firebase vs. Supabase: Which is better?

Deploying a BaaS tool allows developers to focus on writing and maintaining frontend. Examine Firebase and Supabase and their strengths in authentication, storage, and...
David Atanda
5 min read