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Building a shopping cart in Flutter

Learn how to create a shopping cart application with two screens in Flutter, with a focus on the operation and functionality of the cart.
Murtaza Sulaihi
10 min read

Express.js 5 migration guide

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to upgrade from Express v4 to Express v5 and look at the new features available in Express 5.
Clara Ekekenta
8 min read

Reduce maintenance effort with shared ESLint and Prettier configs

Learn how to make ESLint and Prettier configurations available in a separate package.
Sebastian Weber
6 min read

How to write an ERC-4626 token contract for yield-bearing…

In April 2022, Yearn Finance, a popular DEFI protocol, announced its support for the newly introduced Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC)-4626 token standard, stating...
Joel Adewole
6 min read

How to build a chatroom app with React and…

Cloud Firestore is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database. Data is stored in documents as key-value pairs, and documents are organized into collections.
Zach Snoek
18 min read

Understanding the exclamation mark in TypeScript

The exclamation mark ! is known as the non-null assertion operator in TypeScript. We will be using these terms interchangeably in this article. But...
Ibiyemi Adewakun
5 min read

Type casting in Kotlin: Unsafe vs. safe

Discover what type casting is, how Java and Kotlin approach it, which operators Kotlin provides, and how, when, and why to use them.
Antonello Zanini
7 min read

Ladle vs. Storybook: Measuring performance across project sizes

This experiment compares the performance of Ladle and Storybook, combining metrics used in previous benchmarks from both competitors.
Chak Shun Yu
7 min read

Adding speech-to-text and text-to-speech support in a Flutter app

Learn a step-by-step process that gives you a base for building a voice assistant app and cases not handled by the plugin by default.
Pinkesh Darji
7 min read

Flutter layouts guide: Margins and padding

The composition of your Flutter widgets determine how users will interact with your app. Flutter offers several widgets for the purpose of laying out...
Ivy Walobwa
4 min read

Nested smart contracts: Creating a contract within a contract

Nesting smart contracts, or creating a contract within a contract, can provide additional security for your project.
Scofield Idehen
5 min read

How to make your design system DRY with Zag

Here's a look at Zag, a JavaScript library that employs the state machine approach to represent common component state patterns.
Iskander Samatov
6 min read