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40 Stories by Bart Krawczyk

Why product-market fit is not enough: 4-fits framework

Everyone is talking about product-market fit (PMF) as if it’s a silver bullet to building successful products. It’s not.
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How to use a technical debt register

A technical debt register brings transparency and clarity as to what type and how much debt you have and can be used to monitor...
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How to become a product manager: A 12-month plan

A comprehensive guide to help you identify the best books, articles, introductory courses, and activities to kick-start your product management career.
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Product management conferences in 2023: A complete list

2023 is here, and so is a new slate of conferences and events. To help you plan, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of product...
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What are release notes and how to write good ones

The way you use release notes contributes to your overall brand perception. There are more interesting ways to convey information than just sharing dry...
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5 product management trends to monitor in 2023

We discuss five product management trends to keep your eye on in 2023, including an increased focus on monetization, data, remote work, and specialized...
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Digital monetization trends to watch in 2023

Monetization has never been sexy. But in 2023, it’s not enough to have a strong value proposition to win the market. You also need...
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How to run a proper project kickoff meeting (with sample agenda)

Initiative kickoff is a critical event in product development. Do it well, and you’ll increase your odds of succeeding. Do it poorly and, at...
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4 project management trends to monitor in 2023

Project management is one of the oldest careers in the world. At the same time, it’s one of the fastest-evolving disciplines. Here are four...
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How to write acceptance criteria for your user stories

Acceptance criteria are not made equal. There are various ways they can be used. There are two primary acceptance criteria types: prescriptive and guiding.
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10 ways to inspire and motivate your agile team

Inspired, self-organizing teams easily breeze through challenges and obstacles. Uninspired teams usually require top-to-bottom direction.
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5 delivery metrics you should track (apart from velocity)

Ensuring smoother delivery practices leads to better product outcomes. Here are five delivery metrics you should track apart from velocity.
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