product strategy

Product Charter: What To Include And How To Create One

Product charter: What’s included and how to create one (with examples)

Having a permanent, single source of information about the product that details the why, what, and how is a powerful resource...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
What is quality function deployment (QFD)? Phases, example

What is quality function deployment (QFD)? Phases, example

Quality function deployment (QFD) helps you validate whether you're on the right path to satisfying your customers.
Sara Nguyen
6 min read
How To Write A Problem Statement: Template And Examples

How to write a problem statement: Template and examples

As a PM, you and your team likely will face many different customer pain points, needs, and opportunities. It helps to...
Ian Khor
7 min read
Product Development Strategy: Definition, Examples, And Guide

Product development strategy: Definition, examples, and guide

Many factors contribute to a startup's demise. While there isn't a single reason for it, a poor product development strategy almost...
David Pereira
5 min read
The Product Process Matrix (PPM): Definition, Examples, And Template

The product process matrix (PPM): Definition, examples, and template

Though originally designed for manufacturing, the product process matrix (PPM) can help digital PMs streamline production operations and estimate their company's...
Suhasini Gadam
11 min read

Cause and effect analysis with a fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram

There are many cases where product managers have to analyze the cause of a problem, and a fishbone diagram is a...
Praveenkumar Revankar
8 min read
15 Product Roadmap Tools To Consider (Free And Paid)

15 product roadmap tools to consider (free and paid)

The best product roadmap tools enable you to effectively communicate your product strategy, track and report on your progress, and facilitate...
Sara Nguyen
10 min read
Keeping An Eye On Competition: TikTok Vs. Instagram Case Study

Keeping an eye on competition: TikTok vs. Instagram case study

TikTok first launched in 2017 and Instagram released a reels component to mimic it in 2020. The TikTok vs. Instagram war...
Antonio da Fonseca Neto
10 min read
What Is Exploratory Testing Benefits And How It Works

What is exploratory testing? Benefits and how it works

A main benefit of exploratory testing is that it provides a great opportunity to learn about the application and fill in...
Robert Drury
4 min read
Simple Root Cause Analysis Using The Five Whys Framework

Simple root cause analysis using the Five Whys framework

It is always good to get into the habit of asking “why?” This is where the Five Whys framework steps in.
Ian Khor
7 min read

How to transform product culture with paper prototyping

Paper prototyping is really “just sketching,” but it can actually be an incredibly powerful process when used to its full potential.
Daniel Schwarz
6 min read
Can ChatGPT Transform How We Build Products?

Can ChatGPT transform how we build products?

Can ChatGPT transform the way we work? Today, it's young and limited in what it can do, but as you’ll see,...
Glenn Block
7 min read