David Theil

  Agile Coach and Product Leader with 10+ years experience in different roles — Head of Software, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Dev. I help teams escape the Feature Factory and start agile product development.


5 Stories by David Theil

What is conjoint analysis for market research?

Conjoint analysis is a statistical method often used to conduct market research and evaluate how customers value different product attributes.
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Implementing organizational change with the ADKAR model

The ADKAR model helps you transition through a change and the acronym stands for: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement.
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What is scope creep and how to prevent it

Scope creep is common in project management and occurs when the scope of the project expands beyond its original boundaries, resulting in missed deadlines,...
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The complete guide to scrum artifacts

The scrum framework defines three artifacts that represent the work of the scrum team or the value the scrum team creates.
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Minimize project risk using the stage-gate process

The stage-gate process divides projects into different stages with gates (reviews) in between them. Results of the previous phase are presented to stakeholders.
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