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  https://medium.com/@ralucapiteiu_6101 Product management consultant, innovation facilitator, and trainer helping to build the right products. It's not only about ideas, but about making them happen.


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Facilitation skills, principles, and best practices

Facilitation refers to leadership techniques that aim to make activities requiring stakeholder alignment easier and more efficient.
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What is incremental innovation and how does it work?

Embracing incremental innovation is not only a way to remain competitive but also a way to continuously improve and exceed customer expectations.
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Qualitative vs. quantitative research and when to use each

Qualitative and quantitative research each have their strengths and limitations and are often used in combination to provide a more comprehensive understanding of users.
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What is a RACI chart and how to use it (with template)

RACI charts help communicate and clarify the roles and responsibilities of people working together. In product management, it adds support for alignment and communication.
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How to effectively manage product risks as a product manager

While the generic term of risk applies to an organization, product risk refers to the effect of uncertainty on developing a product.
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