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The Role Of The Product Manager In A Scaling Company

The role of the product manager in a scaling company

Over the last decade, I’ve had the chance to be a product manager in different organizations, from start-ups to well-established companies.
David Pereira
4 min read
Using Product Strategy To Help Structure Your Organization

Using product strategy to help structure your organization

Product strategy is the bridge between vision and execution. It clearly states the key bets you’re making.
Evie Brockwell
9 min read
Product Ops: The Silent Killer Slowing Down Your Product Teams

Product ops: The silent killer slowing down your product teams

If handled poorly, product ops can slow down your product teams and significantly strain your business operations costs. Unfortunately, many companies...
Shehab Beram
8 min read
Product Partners: Creating A Minimum Viable Ecosystem

Product partners and creating a minimum viable ecosystem

Like an MVP, an MVE aims to be the best representation of the final product or solution but in a compact...
Joel Polanco
7 min read
3 Types Of Product Virality

3 types of product virality

Product virality is the most efficient, cheapest, and yet hardest-to-grasp growth engine you can build. Learn how to improve the virality...
Bart Krawczyk
7 min read
6 Types Of Product-Led Models

6 types of product-led models

In simple terms, a product-led growth model is a type of business model where the product itself drives all core business...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
How To Balance Customer Focus With Innovation

How to balance customer focus with innovation

If customers question why they need some of the most innovative products of our time, are innovation and customer focus at...
Diana Hsieh
6 min read
What Is A Balanced Scorecard? Examples And Template

What is a balanced scorecard? Examples and template

A balanced scorecard provides a comprehensive overview of how a company is performing currently, taking into account finances, operational processes, customer...
Sara Nguyen
5 min read
From Rides To Riches: How Uber Masters The Product Profit Game

From rides to riches: How Uber masters the product profit game

2023 has been the “year of efficiency.” Interest rates are rising and tech companies have retrenched and focused on core products.
Joel Polanco
5 min read
Navigating Conflicting Methodologies In Product Management

Navigating conflicting methodologies in product management

Product teams should not follow a methodological framework without modification. Yet, this is what many consistently choose to do.
Todd Lankford
8 min read
What Is Market Analysis Definition Examples Template

What is market analysis? Definition, examples, and template

Well-executed market analysis will clearly indicate how successful the right product can be for the right target market and the right...
Kimberly Hale
5 min read
Product Management For Internal Products

Product management for internal products

With internal products, the PM has to navigate internal stakeholders and company politics, as well as change management and adoption.
Raluca Piteiu-Apostol
6 min read