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Gap Analysis: Template, Definition, And Examples

Gap analysis: Template, definition, and examples

A gap analysis is a strategic planning tool that can help you identify discrepancies between your current performance and your desired...
Bart Krawczyk
4 min read
What Is A Decision Matrix? Templates, Examples, And Types

What is a decision matrix? Templates, examples, and types

Often, the plethora of choices you must make generates decision fatigue, clouding objectivity and escalating subjectivity. A decision matrix helps distill...
Surbhi Sooni
8 min read
5 Scrum Ceremonies Explained

The 5 scrum ceremonies explained

Scrum ceremonies are a series of structured events that provide a foundation for effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making among team members.
Nicole Somerstein
8 min read
How To Create A Lean Canvas (With Template)

How to create a Lean Canvas (with template)

A Lean Canvas is a single, visual document that outlines what you need to consider when moving from a potential idea...
David Pereira
5 min read
The PDCA Cycle In Modern Product Management

The PDCA cycle in modern product management

The agile premise of working in short iterations to create a working product increment and learning from feedback to understand what...
Willem-Jan Ageling
6 min read
Product Lifecycle Management: An Overview

Product lifecycle management: An overview

Product lifecycle management is essential for companies that are looking to stay competitive in today's rapidly changing business environment.
Aniket Parihar
6 min read
Understanding Conway's Law

Understanding Conway’s law

When you embrace Conway's law and understand its influences on organizational structure and social dynamics, you can benefit from its direct...
Suhasini Gadam
8 min read
Fit Gap Analysis Templates And Best Practices

Fit gap analysis templates and best practices

A fit gap analysis offers a precise lens through which companies can scrutinize their current performance and compare it with their...
Anjana Rao
6 min read
AI Invasion: How Companies Are Inserting AI Into Their Products

AI invasion: How companies are inserting AI into their products

Almost every single company is thinking about how to use AI. There are a few common ways companies are integrating AI...
Diana Hsieh
8 min read
What Is A Product Vision Statement And How To Write One With Examples

What is a product vision? Definition, template, and examples

There is more art than science to creating a product vision statement. Check out some examples of product vision statements that...
Harish Natarahjan
12 min read
What Is A Product Roadmap And How To Build One (With Templates)

Guide to building a product roadmap (with template and examples)

Love them or hate them, product roadmaps are an integral part of any PM’s job. In this guide, we'll walk you...
Austin Yang
20 min read
Net Revenue Retention Formula Examples

What is net revenue retention (NRR)? Formula, examples

Net revenue retention is a metric that helps to measure cumulative revenue retained from existing customers by examining revenue.
Praveenkumar Revankar
8 min read