Sara Nguyen My greatest career achievement was when I was recognized as "GIF Master" for my GIFs in the company Slack channel. A close second is that I've written over 600,000 words in the past two years.


15 Stories by Sara Nguyen

Customer retention rate: Meaning, formula, how to calculate

While many product managers focus on gaining new customers as fast as possible, it doesn’t do much for overall business growth if they leave...
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What is a profit and loss statement? Examples and template

Creating accurate P&L statements helps you understand whether your expenses are worth their cost. Otherwise, you won't know what's causing the failure or success...
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How expectancy theory can motivate your team

The basis of expectancy theory is linking high efforts to desirable outcomes. Learn how implementing expectancy theory can motivate your team.
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Top 15 product management certification programs

These certifications cater to various skill levels, interests, and budgets, and some include both free and paid options. While some are fully online, others...
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What is product cost and how to calculate (with example)

Put simply, understanding the costs of developing a product, feature, or update helps you make more informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle.
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What is quality function deployment (QFD)? Phases, example

Quality function deployment (QFD) helps you validate whether you're on the right path to satisfying your customers.
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15 product roadmap tools to consider (free and paid)

The best product roadmap tools enable you to effectively communicate your product strategy, track and report on your progress, and facilitate collaboration with employees...
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A guide to product metrics and KPIs

Quantitative product data is crucial to understanding user behavior. Learn how your product team can use this knowledge to improve the user experience, reduce...
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What are vanity metrics? Examples and how to avoid them

When teams focus on vanity metrics, they take their product in the wrong direction. Yet, PMs and other teams frequently fall into the pit...
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Customer feedback: Why you should seek it and how to obtain it

Establishing an effective product feedback loop gives cross-functional teams the data they need to create desirable and scalable products for your customers.
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What is the AARRR (aka pirate metrics) framework?

AARRR metrics — also known as pirate metrics — focus on every stage of the customer lifecycle to help you gain actionable insights into your...
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5 product feature prioritization frameworks and strategies

Prioritization frameworks are an essential part of a product manager's tool kit because they aid in facilitating clear communication and making efficient product decisions.
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