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Understanding 6 9s: The gold standard of system availability

6 9s is the delivery of availability at a rate of 99.9999 percent, which is the equivalent of no more than 31.5 seconds of...
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10 essential project management skills to add to your resume

By definition, if you're already in or transitioning into a product management role, you likely already possess many of the skills needed for successful...
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Understanding group dynamics: Definition, theory, and examples

Group dynamics are the behaviors and psychological dimensions that occur between or within a social group.
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What is a scrum master? Responsibilities, skills, and more

Everything you need to know about the role of the scrum master, including the job description, responsibilities, and certifications to explore if you’re looking...
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Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation-hygiene: An overview

How can you be satisfied with your job, but also dissatisfied at the same time? Herzberg's two-factor theory explores this paradox.
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What is exploratory testing? Benefits and how it works

A main benefit of exploratory testing is that it provides a great opportunity to learn about the application and fill in any missing knowledge...
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Using RAID logs for strategic project documentation (with template)

A RAID log is the perfect tool to anticipate and track all the risks, actions, issues, and decisions revolving a project.
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4 laws and effects that govern user behavior

We'll introduce you to four of the most impactful laws, effects, and principles that influence user behavior: the Von Restorff effect, Miller's law, Hick's...
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What is product portfolio management?

Product portfolio managers oversee all of a company's products in the market and analyze how these products should be positioned to deliver the best...
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What is a business roadmap and how to create one with examples

The vision outlined in a well-written business roadmap gives focus and support to the entire organization and ensures that all areas of the business...
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8 product management books that should be on every PM’s shelf

No matter where you are in your career, you can learn a lot from these product management books written by some of the best...
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How to plan your product manager career path

Wherever you are in your career, there are opportunities that can lead to the product management job of your dreams.
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