How to use web fonts in CSS

Everything you need to know about using web fonts in CSS, including how to use variable fonts, and web fronts from a font repository.
Craig Buckler
10 min read

How to write DApps on Corda

A private blockchain contains entities called network operators that control the network and can configure permissions and access controls of the other nodes.
Hamsa Harcourt
8 min read

Introduction to COTI and the Trustchain

In this tutorial, learn more about COTI through focusing on how it works, its purpose, and its energy-efficient structure.
David Fagbuyiro
8 min read

How to manage DeFi transactions with Instadapp

Explore DeFi and Instadapp, reviewing some of the associated features and history, as well as the basics for managing decentralized finance with Instadapp
Frank Joseph
5 min read

A developer’s intro to OptionRoom

In this article, we explore OptionRoom’s architecture and its most unique features: oracle-as-a-Service (OaaS) and the forecast protocol.
Gimbiya Galadima
6 min read

The guide to NuCypher and decentralized threshold cryptography

Blockchain security is a vital part of Web3. Learn how to prevent cybercrime with decentralized threshold cryptography.
Boemo Mmopelwa
4 min read

Git strategies: Collaborate, share, and maintain working history

Developers are increasingly relying on tools like Git, an amazing version control system that lets us organize our work, codebase, collaboration, work history, and...
Zafar Saleem
6 min read

Getting started with Parcel CSS

Work through the fundamentals of Parcel CSS, a CSS parser, compiler, and minifier, including setting up and writing CSS that automatically minifies on the...
Emmanuel Etukudo
3 min read

Building Jamstack-friendly components with Tonic

Here are a few reasons to use Tonic to create a Jamstack website, including how to do so on your own with some simple...
Lorenz Weiß
4 min read

Get faster cache validation with MicroDiff

Use MicroDiff to implement caching in a simple API application and handle cache validation within the app to improve app speed.
Ibiyemi Adewakun
4 min read

Getting started with Svekyll: Svelte and Jekyll hybrid

Get started with Svekyll, Jekyll, and Svelte. Cover the best use cases for each, as well as some existing and upcoming features of Svekyll.
Fortune Ikechi
5 min read

What’s new in the latest GraphQL spec

Take a peek into the GraphQL RFC process and find out about what actually made it into the first new spec in three years....
Leonardo Losoviz
4 min read