Victor Jonah

  I am a Software Developer with over three years of experience working with JavaScript and its frameworks. I currently work as a remote software developer for a tech agency.


15 Stories by Victor Jonah

Grand Central Dispatch tutorial

With Grand Central Dispatch, learn how to execute heavy task operations in the background, keeping main threads running smoothly.
0 3 min read

Understanding protocols in Swift

See how Swift's protocol-oriented programming makes building objects easier and more efficient for developers.
0 3 min read

React Native vs. Swift for iOS development

While Swift produces a more performant iOS app by default, that's not the only factor to consider when choosing between Swift and React Native.
0 5 min read

What to expect from Crystal 1.0

Get started with an overview of Crystal 1.0, a new frontend language inspired by Ruby with the power of C.
0 4 min read

Redux isn’t dead

The reports of Redux's death are greatly exaggerated.
2 7 min read

Use cases for visual programming environments today

Illustrating programming concepts in a VPE provides valuable solutions for multimedia creation, business intelligence, and even video game development.
0 4 min read

What is Vlang? An introduction

V, aka "Vlang," has a more readable and simpler syntax than many other frameworks, making it clean and easy to use.
6 3 min read

Node.js logging best practices

Understand your application with more clarity and reduce errors in Node.js by using a log library and log management system.
0 4 min read

What is a proxy, and how does it work in Node.js?

Using a proxy server in Node.js can decrease security risks, improve anonymity, and even increase browsing speed.
0 4 min read

What is railway oriented programming?

This guide explains railway oriented programming in simple terms and shows you how to more efficiently approach error handling in your codebase.
4 4 min read

Why is Go overtaking Node.js?

Is Go better than Node.js? Find out in this guide that compares the two languages based on performance, development tools, scalability, and other features.
15 4 min read

Deno alternatives to popular Node projects

Here, you can learn about some Deno alternatives to the most popular Node projects used during development.
1 6 min read