Victor Jonah

  I am a Software Developer with over three years of experience working with JavaScript and its frameworks. I currently work as a remote software developer for a tech agency.


20 Stories by Victor Jonah

Developing Terra smart contracts

Learn how to can develop smart contracts and deploy them to the Terra blockchain network to create decentralized apps.
0 8 min read

Top 5 decentralized app development frameworks

We compare popular decentralized frameworks used by blockchain engineers, including benefits, disadvantages, and networks.
0 11 min read

Comparing Go debugging tools

Learn about a few popular Go debugging tools by looking at their installations, debugging processes, and pros and cons.
0 7 min read

5 top Go web frameworks

Learn about five top Go frameworks to develop web applications as Go increases in popularity among developers.
0 6 min read

Creating Duplex streams in Node.js

Duplex streams are a fundamental category of streams in Node.js. Learn how to create and implement them into a Node.js app.
0 2 min read

Grand Central Dispatch tutorial

With Grand Central Dispatch, learn how to execute heavy task operations in the background, keeping main threads running smoothly.
0 3 min read

Understanding protocols in Swift

See how Swift's protocol-oriented programming makes building objects easier and more efficient for developers.
0 3 min read

React Native vs. Swift for iOS development

While Swift produces a more performant iOS app by default, that's not the only factor to consider when choosing between Swift and React Native.
0 5 min read

What to expect from Crystal 1.0

Get started with an overview of Crystal 1.0, a new frontend language inspired by Ruby with the power of C.
0 4 min read

Redux isn’t dead

The reports of Redux's death are greatly exaggerated.
2 7 min read

Use cases for visual programming environments today

Illustrating programming concepts in a VPE provides valuable solutions for multimedia creation, business intelligence, and even video game development.
0 4 min read

What is Vlang? An introduction

V, aka "Vlang," has a more readable and simpler syntax than many other frameworks, making it clean and easy to use.
6 3 min read