Boemo Mmopelwa

  Boemo is a software developer who embraces innovative approaches. He likes diving deep into complex concepts in order to learn and write articles that can help the reader understand complex methodologies in a simple and fun way.


12 Stories by Boemo Mmopelwa

How to change an Android SDK path

This article discusses how to install an SDK in Android from scratch, and how to change the Android SDK path using the Android SDK...
0 4 min read

Understanding recomposition in Jetpack Compose

Learn about Jetpack Compose and its recomposition technique, which updates the UI when the user input changes.
1 4 min read

Understanding Kotlin data serialization

Understand data serialization in Kotlin, which allows you to convert your data into other compatible formats and share it with others.
0 4 min read

Prisma vs. Thin Backend

Compare ORMs Thin Backend and Prisma for their schema design and modeling features.
0 5 min read

Why you shouldn’t use global variables in Flutter

Learn why global variables should never be used in Flutter and how to manage states in a more effective way.
0 4 min read

Implementing optional callbacks in Kotlin from scratch

There are several ways to implement optional callbacks in Kotlin. Learn about all of them in this complete tutorial.
0 4 min read

5 blockchain wallets for your smart contract or DApp

There are plenty of blockchain wallets out there; discover which is best for your DApp or smart contract, and what to look out for.
1 5 min read

Permissioned vs. permissionless blockchains for DApps

Learn the differences between permissioned and permissionless blockchains to make an informed choice for your DApp in this complete guide.
0 5 min read

A guide to Orion Protocol and the Orion Pool

Orion Protocol is a unique platform for managing all of your crypto assets in one place. Learn how it works (and about the Orion...
0 5 min read

The guide to NuCypher and decentralized threshold cryptography

Blockchain security is a vital part of Web3. Learn how to prevent cybercrime with decentralized threshold cryptography.
0 4 min read

Ethereum vs. Harmony: Which blockchain is right for you?

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the popular Ethereum or new and performant Harmony blockchains to determine which is best for you.
0 6 min read

Understanding the Android activity lifecycle

Master the Android activity lifecycle to keep your mobile apps running smoothly when users interact with them.
0 4 min read