Fortune Ikechi

  Fortune Ikechi is a frontend engineer based in Rivers State, Nigeria. He is a student of the University of Port Harcourt. He is passionate about community and software engineering processes.


11 Stories by Fortune Ikechi

CSS custom properties as of 2021

Learn more about custom properties with CSS, including their functionality with JavaScript, APIs, and React
0 4 min read

Using React Hooks to create sticky headers

Having trouble implementing a sticky header on a table? Take a look at how to build a sticky header using React Hooks.
1 5 min read

Top testing libraries for React in 2021

Testing your applications ensures quality performance and erases bugs. Explore the top testing libraries to find which best fits your project.
0 6 min read

WMR: The Swiss Army knife for web apps

WMR is an all-in-one development tool for modern web apps built by the Preact team. Learn more about WMR's features and how to build...
0 5 min read

Why is Rust so popular?

Here, you can learn what Rust is, why it's popular, what its benefits are, and what its use cases are for the workforce.
1 4 min read

The top 5 React animation libraries compared

In this post, we’ll compare the top five React animation libraries and evaluate each for popularity, developer experience, and bundle size.
0 5 min read

The top choices for React lazy loading libraries in 2021

The React ecosystem has a number of packages that help to optimize applications through lazy loading. In this post, I’ll highlight some of the...
1 5 min read

Using React Uploady to upload files

Here, you can explore how to upload files in React with React Uploady by building a file uploads system.
0 4 min read

Understanding (and effectively using) asynchronous JavaScript

In this article, we'll learn what asynchronous JavaScript is and how to write asynchronous JavaScript using promises and async/await.
0 5 min read

How to create and send push notifications in React Native

Here's why push notifications are popular for businesses and users and how to send them in React Native applications.
6 5 min read

Using React in web games

In this article, we will be looking at how React is used in developing web games by building a tic-tac-toe game.
2 5 min read