Fortune Ikechi

  Fortune Ikechi is a frontend engineer based in Rivers State, Nigeria. He is a student of the University of Port Harcourt. He is passionate about community and software engineering processes.


18 Stories by Fortune Ikechi

Comparing the best React animation libraries for 2023

Evaluate the top React animation libraries for ease of use, developer experience, and bundle size.
0 17 min read

Using React in web games

In this article, we will look at how React is used in developing web games by building a balloon popping game.
3 15 min read

The top 5 lazy loading libraries for React in 2023

Review the performance benefits of lazy loading your React applications, then consider several libraries that make it easier than ever before to speed up the...
1 7 min read

How to create and send push notifications in React Native

Learn all about how to implement push notifications in React Native in this ultimate guide and step-by-step tutorial.
6 8 min read

Build a Spotify clone with React and ts-audio

Explore ts-audio by building a Spotify clone. Use dummy data to build an application that includes methods like play and pause and allows you...
3 8 min read

Getting started with Svekyll: Svelte and Jekyll hybrid

Get started with Svekyll, Jekyll, and Svelte. Cover the best use cases for each, as well as some existing and upcoming features of Svekyll.
0 5 min read

Top React image cropping libraries

Cropping images in your web app can reduce surrounding noise, thereby directing a user's attention. Easily crop images with three performant React cropping libraries....
4 7 min read

daisyUI: Tailwind CSS components for reducing markup

Reduce verbose Tailwind CSS markup and write clean HTML with daisyUI, a CSS component library that uses pure CSS and Tailwind utility classes. ....
0 5 min read

Implementing CodePush in React Native

Add CodePush to your React Native application to easily deploy app updates directly to end users instead of through the Google Play and iOS...
0 4 min read

Authenticate your Next.js application using Auth0

Use the Auth0 Next.js SDK to add Auth0, an authentication CLI, to a notes application built in Next.js.
0 9 min read

Understanding Swift schedulers

Using schedulers in Swift to manage queues and loops can free up space on your main thread and update your UI.
0 4 min read

CSS custom properties as of 2021

Learn more about custom properties with CSS, including their functionality with JavaScript, APIs, and React
0 4 min read