Hamsa Harcourt

  I'm Hamsa, a software engineer with a strong passion for building human-centric products. I love teaching concepts about JavaScript and the web at large.


4 Stories by Hamsa Harcourt

The importance of snapshots in advanced blockchain functions

Snapshots allow new nodes to catch-up with the network by downloading only the most recent states from the blockchain.
0 4 min read

How to write DApps on Corda

A private blockchain contains entities called network operators that control the network and canĀ configure permissions and access controls of the other nodes.
0 8 min read

Best pub/sub messaging brokers

Pub/sub allows machines to interact and respond to data updates in real-time, which differs from the usual request/response communications paradigm.
2 4 min read

PurgeCSS: Remove unused CSS code

Explore PurgeCSS, a tool to remove unused CSS from your code, thereby reducing file size and improving optimization.
3 3 min read