Lorenz Weiß

  http://loweisz.com Hi, I'm Lorenz, a frontend-focused web developer. I'm in love with the internet and its people and interested in everything related to it.


6 Stories by Lorenz Weiß

Building Jamstack-friendly components with Tonic

Here are a few reasons to use Tonic to create a Jamstack website, including how to do so on your own with some simple...
0 4 min read

Fela: Writing state-driven styles for React and React Native

Discover what Fela is, why you should consider using it, and how it simplifies creating styles across multiple platforms.
0 4 min read

Migrating to SWC: A brief overview

SWC is faster than webpack and Babel. If you've already bootstrapped your project with those tools, here's how you can to SWC tooling.
0 3 min read

Adding videos to React Native with react-native-video

Follow this guide to learn how to implement video into your React Native app using the most common package, react-native-video.
1 4 min read

Adding drag-and-drop functionality with react-beautiful-dnd

See how to make your application powerful by animating it with the well-known drag-and-drop feature using the react-beautiful-dnd library.
0 7 min read

Managing React state with Zustand

Learn how to use Zustand for managing and persisting state within React apps, as well as comparing Zustand to Redux, Jotai, and Recoil.
3 7 min read