Leonardo Losoviz

  https://leoloso.com/ Freelance developer and writer, with an ongoing quest to integrate innovative paradigms into existing PHP frameworks, and unify all of them into a single mental model.


24 Stories by Leonardo Losoviz

Swapping GraphQL servers with the least effort

Learn how to use GraphQL queries as intermediaries between an application and its server, making it easy to swap servers when necessary.
0 5 min read

Authorization through access control in GraphQL

Learn how to make the access and authorization decisions that will work for you and implement them in GraphQL with this detailed article.
0 6 min read

Including both PHP 7.1 and 8.0 code in the same plugin … or not?

Having challenges transpiling code from PHP 8.0 to 7.1 in the same WordPress plugin? This solution may help with a few of the issues.
0 9 min read

Designing a URL-based query syntax for GraphQL

See how to design a single-line URL-based query syntax for GraphQL servers that is simple to read and write.
1 13 min read

Building extensible PHP apps with Symfony DI

Learn how to use DependencyInjection and service containers to manage the services in your complex PHP app.
0 7 min read

Tips for transpiling code from PHP 8.0 down to 7.1

Transpiling your code from PHP 8.0 to 7.1 allows you to use the latest features of the language while reaching the most possible users.
1 9 min read

HTTP caching in GraphQL

GraphQL's lack of support for server-side caching is a well-known disadvantage. But there are indeed ways to use HTTP caching with GraphQL.
0 6 min read

Hosting all your PHP packages together in a monorepo

A monorepo makes it easy to maintain a coherent state for your project and submit pull requests with code from multiple packages.
0 8 min read

Tips for creating your first Rector rule to transform PHP code

Rector is a reconstructor tool for PHP. Learn how you can use it to code with modern PHP features yet still deploy to legacy...
1 6 min read

Supporting opt-in nested mutations in GraphQL

We argue the benefits of supporting nested mutations as an opt-in feature in GraphQL.
0 8 min read

Coding a GraphQL server in JavaScript vs. WordPress

Explore how building a GraphQL solution for WordPress may diverge from the standard JavaScript guidelines on several circumstances.
0 12 min read

Coding in PHP 7.4 and deploying to 7.1 via Rector and GitHub Actions

PHP developers want to have access to the latest features of the language, but for various reasons, they may not be able to. It...
2 12 min read