Emmanuel Etukudo

  I am a full-stack developer with more than five years of experience, with a preference for JavaScript, Node.js, Go, React, Redux, and MongoDB.


18 Stories by Emmanuel Etukudo

Building a splash screen in React Native

Learn how to build a splash screen in React Native for both iOS and Android apps, and edit its features, like background color.
16 6 min read

Frontend caching in Vue with Workbox service workers

Workbox is designed to make developing service workers easy while also making room for complex application requirements.
1 5 min read

Using Hermes in React Native

Explore the benefits of using Hermes as the JavaScript engine for your React Native application and follow a thorough tutorial to get started.
1 5 min read

Best options for self-hosting Create React App

Self-hosting a React application can be very economical, especially if your intention is to have total control over your deployment, build tools, and workflow.
0 4 min read

Build a chat app with react-native-gifted-chat

Add real-time chat to your iOS or Android applications using react-native-gifted-chat and Firebase to improve communication for your users.
5 10 min read

Getting started with Parcel CSS

Work through the fundamentals of Parcel CSS, a CSS parser, compiler, and minifier, including setting up and writing CSS that automatically minifies on the...
0 3 min read

Deploying your React app with full-stack Cloudflare Pages

Full-stack Cloudflare Pages works exactly the same way as Cloudflare Pages, with no changes in the deployment workflow involving git commit and git push.
0 4 min read

Creating a PWA with Create Go App

Explore Create Go App, a CLI similar to the popular Create React App, by building a PWA from scratch.
0 4 min read

Build a sitemap generator in Next.js

Build a sitemap generator in Next.js, which generates a sitemap for each page in your webpage, improving SEO and attracting more viewers.
3 4 min read

Best practices for stacking elements in CSS

Learn the techniques and best practices for stacking elements in CSS to achieve 3D animations — without using the z-index property.
0 6 min read

Create and customize Flutter radio buttons

Build a Flutter radio button, a graphical UI element that presents the user with a predefined list of mutually exclusive answer choices.
0 5 min read

Comparing Flutter date picker libraries

Use a date picker library like Flutter Datetime Picker, Flutter Date Range Picker, and Flutter date_time_picker to add an interactive calendar to your app....
0 4 min read