Frank Joseph

  I'm an innovative software engineer and technical writer passionate about the developer community. I'm interested in building applications that run on the internet.


9 Stories by Frank Joseph

The top tools for cleaning up your CSS

Consider using tools like PurgeCSS, UnCSS, and Tabifier to clean your CSS codebase and remove unused code.
0 5 min read

Best React scheduler component libraries

React scheduler component libraries provide software developers with a wide range of tools to build powerful scheduling applications in their React projects.
0 6 min read

Using Medusa as a Shopify alternative

Explore Medusa, a headless CMS that offers many benefits like decoupled architecture, scalability, and the ability to write and deploy code everywhere.
3 5 min read

Building microservices with Node.js

Microservices allow us to build our software components separately so that a fault in one component won’t affect the functionality of the entire software...
9 7 min read

Understanding the glob pattern in Node.js

Learn how the glob pattern can be used in Node.js along with fs to read files in an application.
0 3 min read

Build a cryptocurrency with Node.js

Gain the foundational knowledge required to get started as a blockchain developer, like developing a block and a custom cryptocurrency.
7 5 min read

How to manage DeFi transactions with Instadapp

Explore DeFi and Instadapp, reviewing some of the associated features and history, as well as the basics for managing decentralized finance with Instadapp
0 5 min read

Ethereum vs. Flow blockchain for NFT development

Introduced when the Ethereum network was clogged by the CryptoKitties game, Flow aimed to create a blockchain platform to accommodate billions of users on...
2 6 min read

Python datetime module: Handling dates and time

Handling dates and times in Python is not always straightforward. Simplify the process using the Python datetime module.
0 7 min read