Using Dart FFI to access native libraries in Flutter

Dart FFI opens up new development opportunities. Learn how to access native libraries in Flutter using Dart FFI.
Majid Hajian
10 min read

Dependency injection in Flutter using GetIt and Injectable

Simplify dependency injection in your Flutter apps using GetIt, a simple service locator, and Injectable, a code generator for GetIt.
Brian Mwangi
8 min read

Launching URLs in Flutter with url_launcher

Learn how to use the url-launcher Flutter package to open a variety of secondary apps, using the example of a Contact Us page.
Yusuf Ahmed
5 min read

The ultimate guide to GetX state management in Flutter

Develop mobile applications easily through Flutter using GetX, a micro framework with route management and dependency injection.
Murtaza Sulaihi
13 min read

Comparing Flutter game engines

If you’re a mobile app developer, chances are at some point you’ve looked at a really popular game and thought you should give game...
Deven Joshi
6 min read

Build a cross-platform web app with Flutter

Learn what makes Flutter ideal for building cross-platform applications and how to get started building your own web app.
Murtaza Sulaihi
6 min read

Creating a Flutter audio player and recorder app

Learn how to add audio recording and playing features to a Flutter app so you can create your own audio-based modern apps.
Samson Omojola
9 min read

How to implement a shimmer effect in Flutter

Learn how to implement a shimmer loading effect in Flutter, with no CSS, in this fun tutorial using Ricky and Morty character data.
David Adegoke
7 min read

Building your first DApp with Flutter and Solidity

Create a simple smart contract in Solidity and deploy it within your application using Flutter.
Eshiet Ekemini
7 min read

StateNotifier: Improving state change notifiers in Flutter

StateNotifier makes it easier to debug states with a single modification point. See how it compares to Flutter's inbuilt ChangeNotifier.
Himanshu Sharma
5 min read

Using FlutterGen code generator in Flutter

Use FlutterGen, a Flutter code generator for your assets that help remove all string-based APIs in your app, for your next Flutter project.
Ivy Walobwa
5 min read

Introduction to Flutter BLoC 8

Learn about the latest release of flutter_bloc 8 and the breaking changes that require users to upgrade code within existing Flutter apps.
Lewis Cianci
7 min read