Damilare Jolayemi

  Damilare is an enthusiastic problem-solver who enjoys building whatever works on the computer. He has a knack for slapping his keyboards till something works. When he's not talking to his laptop, you'll find him hopping on road trips and sharing moments with his friends, or watching shows on Netflix.


5 Stories by Damilare Jolayemi

Dart and Flutter data structures: A comprehensive guide

Learn how to choose from the many Dart and Flutter data structures available to use, and when to use each one, in this detailed...
0 14 min read

Build a Python web scraper with Beautiful Soup

Web scraping can be one of the most important things you can learn in Python. Learn about web scraping with Beautiful Soup in this...
0 7 min read

Flutter Redux: Complete tutorial with examples

Learn about data flow, state management structure, and using Redux in your Flutter apps in this detailed tutorial.
0 8 min read

Containerizing Flutter web apps with Docker

Learn how to containerize your Flutter web apps, allowing them to run consistently on any operating system or infrastructure.
0 5 min read

Choosing the right progress indicators for async Flutter apps

Progress indicators are important for communicating with your users. Read up on choosing the right ones for async Flutter apps in this post.
0 6 min read