Damilare Jolayemi

  Damilare is an enthusiastic problem-solver who enjoys building whatever works on the computer. He has a knack for slapping his keyboards till something works. When he's not talking to his laptop, you'll find him hopping on road trips and sharing moments with his friends, or watching shows on Netflix.


13 Stories by Damilare Jolayemi

How to build polymorphic components in Rust

We demonstrate how to implement polymorphism in Rust using static dispatch, dynamic dispatch, and enums, and we discuss the tradeoffs of each approach.
2 5 min read

Integrating Flask and Flutter apps

Discover how to integrate your frontend Flutter application with a Flask backend service!
0 10 min read

Creating an adaptive app with Flutter

Adaptive apps, not to be confused with responsive apps, deliver different views for different devices and screen sizes. Build one here!
0 7 min read

Build a full-stack app with Tetra

Learn how to build a simple full-stack blog application while getting familiar with the Tetra framework and its components.
1 12 min read

How to implement infinite scroll pagination in Flutter

Learn three different ways to implement Instagram-like scroll experiences in your Flutter apps in this detailed tutorial.
1 11 min read

A guide to advanced Flutter animations

In this tutorial, learn about advanced animations available in Flutter and how you can implement a variety of different custom animation styles.
0 8 min read

How to build and deploy a Telegram bot with Flask

This tutorial demonstrates how to build a Telegram bot and then integrate it with Flask to build a customized dictionary app quickly and deploy...
2 6 min read

Build and deploy a Flask app using Docker

Learn how to deploy a Flask app using Docker, as well as how to host on Heroku, in this step-by-step Python tutorial.
0 6 min read

Dart and Flutter data structures: A comprehensive guide

Learn how to choose from the many Dart and Flutter data structures available to use, and when to use each one, in this detailed...
0 14 min read

Build a Python web scraper with Beautiful Soup

Web scraping can be one of the most important things you can learn in Python. Learn about web scraping with Beautiful Soup in this...
0 7 min read

Flutter Redux: Complete tutorial with examples

Learn about data flow, state management structure, and using Redux in your Flutter apps in this detailed tutorial.
8 8 min read

Containerizing Flutter web apps with Docker

Learn how to containerize your Flutter web apps, allowing them to run consistently on any operating system or infrastructure.
7 5 min read