David Adegoke

  Well known for his skills and dynamic leadership, David has led development teams building and deploying great products. He is passionate about helping people learn mobile development with Flutter and the leadership strategies they need to succeed regardless of their background. As he says, "You just have to be consistent and intentional to make it."


8 Stories by David Adegoke

tRPC vs. GraphQL: Which is better for your projects?

Learn how tRPC and GraphQL differ from each other across use case, programming language, framework of choice, and more in this comparison.
0 6 min read

Improving Flutter UI with the Chip widget

Take your Flutter UI interface to the next level with the Chip widget.
0 5 min read

Using WillPopScope in Flutter for Android navigation

Learn about the WillPopScope widget in Flutter and how you can use it to solve navigation issues and fine-tune the user browsing to improve...
1 6 min read

Implementing copy to clipboard in Flutter

The Flutter framework allows us to access and control the clipboard. We will walk through how to implement this feature with and without external...
1 6 min read

Sharing content in Flutter apps using Share Plus

Learn how to implement content sharing in Flutter applications using the Share Plus plugin to share images, text, and files between mobile applications.
0 8 min read

Handling network connectivity in Flutter

In this post, learn how to monitor your user's network connection status to improve communication and serve the ideal situational content.
1 13 min read

How to implement a shimmer effect in Flutter

Learn how to implement a shimmer loading effect in Flutter, with no CSS, in this fun tutorial using Ricky and Morty character data.
0 7 min read

Understanding RenderObjects in Flutter

Go beneath the surface of Flutter's RenderObjects and the "magic" they use to paint your UI from widgets in this detailed tutorial.
2 6 min read