Himanshu Sharma

  Computer science student pursuing his Bachelor's and working as an SWE Intern. For the past 2 years, has been developing mobile and web apps using Flutter SDK. Open-source enthusiast and co-organizer of Flutter India.


5 Stories by Himanshu Sharma

Build an augmented reality app in Flutter

Build an augmented reality app in Flutter with plugins like ARCore and ARKit that support Android and iOS devices.
2 5 min read

Understanding deep linking in Flutter with Uni Links

Deep linking with Flutter allows users to pass through custom data to navigate to specific content pages.
1 7 min read

Securing local storage in Flutter

Use the Flutter plugin flutter_secure_storage to securely store data according to your chosen platform: iOS, Android, or the web.
0 9 min read

StateNotifier: Improving state change notifiers in Flutter

StateNotifier makes it easier to debug states with a single modification point. See how it compares to Flutter's inbuilt ChangeNotifier.
0 5 min read

Learning how to use AWS Amplify in Flutter

Learn about what AWS Amplify is and how to integrate it while building a Flutter to-do app.
0 8 min read