Flutter vs. Ionic for cross-platform development

Compare and contrast Flutter and Ionic to help select the framework most suitable for your cross-platform development project.
Shalitha Suranga
12 min read

Understanding Offsets in Flutter

Flutter's Offset class can be confusing, but with this in-depth guide, you'll understand how to use it (and how it works under the hood).
Jahswill Essien
10 min read

Best IDEs for Flutter in 2022

Compare 2022's best IDEs for Flutter based on ease of use, extensibility, performance, and debugging ability.
Lewis Cianci
9 min read

Creating a multi-page app in Flutter

Improve UX by creating multi-page applications using the Navigator widget from Flutter.
Shubham Soni
3 min read

Handling network connectivity in Flutter

In this post, learn how to monitor your user's network connection status to improve communication and serve the ideal situational content.
David Adegoke
13 min read

Implementing a repository pattern In Flutter

Write more manageable codebases for your Flutter apps by decoupling data access and business logic according to the repository design pattern.
Shalitha Suranga
10 min read

A complete guide to Flutter architecture

Learn about Flutter's architecture to help when structuring an app, updating state, building widgets or screens, and maintaining the app.
Temitope Oyedele
8 min read

How to open or dismiss the keyboard in Flutter

Use Flutter to solve the problem of opening and closing the keyboard on mobile applications across all devices.
Murtaza Sulaihi
4 min read

Implementing the InkWell class in Flutter

Learn how to implement Flutter’s InkWell class. InkWell offers visual feedback in response to user touch events.
Ivy Walobwa
5 min read

Flutter form validation: The complete guide

Form validation is an invaluable skill for Flutter developers. Use this comprehensive guide to explore the most common methods.
Eshiet Ekemini
10 min read

Securing local storage in Flutter

Use the Flutter plugin flutter_secure_storage to securely store data according to your chosen platform: iOS, Android, or the web.
Himanshu Sharma
9 min read

Using Dart FFI to access native libraries in Flutter

Dart FFI opens up new development opportunities. Learn how to access native libraries in Flutter using Dart FFI.
Majid Hajian
10 min read