Murtaza Sulaihi

  I am a school professor and I also develop Android applications and Flutter applications.


11 Stories by Murtaza Sulaihi

32 free Flutter templates for great mobile apps

This article showcases a curated list of open source mobile applications for Flutter that will make your development learning journey faster.
0 8 min read

Advanced guide to Flutter switches and toggles

This guide dives into the parameters and properties of Flutter switches and toggles, providing everything you need to know.
0 8 min read

Building a news app with Flutter

Let's outline the steps you’ll need to take to create a news app using Flutter, with a clear demonstration you can follow along with.
2 14 min read

Building a shopping cart in Flutter

Learn how to create a shopping cart application with two screens in Flutter, with a focus on the operation and functionality of the cart.
5 10 min read

Implementing overlays in Flutter

The Overlay in Flutter makes it easy to create visual elements on top of other widgets by adding them to the Overlay’s stack.
1 7 min read

How to build a chat application in Flutter with Firebase

Create a basic chat application in Flutter using Firebase at its backend.
4 16 min read

How to open or dismiss the keyboard in Flutter

Use Flutter to solve the problem of opening and closing the keyboard on mobile applications across all devices.
0 4 min read

The ultimate guide to GetX state management in Flutter

Develop mobile applications easily through Flutter using GetX, a micro framework with route management and dependency injection.
1 13 min read

Build a cross-platform web app with Flutter

Learn what makes Flutter ideal for building cross-platform applications and how to get started building your own web app.
0 6 min read

Choosing the right gestures for your Flutter project

Study a few iconic apps like Gmail and Instagram have used gestures, and learn which Flutter widgets you could use to create similar effects.
0 6 min read

How to build a custom calendar in Flutter

Learn how to create a calendar for scheduling events with the Flutter date and time picker and TableCalendar widget.
1 8 min read