Muyiwa Femi-Ige Femi-Ige Muyiwa Oladele is a statistics major from the Federal University of Technology, Minna. He is an enthusiastic programmer versed in programming languages like Python and JavaScript.


12 Stories by Muyiwa Femi-Ige

Creating a dynamic QR code generator in Vue

Create a dynamic QR code generator in the Vue framework that allows you to better brand and customize codes for users.
0 10 min read

How to build a geocaching app with Android’s Fused Location

Build a geocaching app using Android’s fused location library, which continuously updates the location of a user on a map.
0 7 min read

How to create a dynamic theme switcher in Flutter

Use the palette_generator Flutter package to build an app that allows you to generate a dynamic theme and pick a color scheme for the...
0 6 min read

Building a photo gallery app using Flutter

Build a Flutter photo gallery app with a homepage and bottom navigation bar using the image_editor package.
0 8 min read

Building selectable containers in Flutter

Learn how to build a flutter application that displays selectable containers which change color when selected.
0 6 min read

Getting started with Babylon.js

In this article, we will show you how to create a basic scene with 3D graphics using Babylon.js.
0 5 min read

A guide to regular expressions in Kotlin

Learn how to use regular expression as a means of validation in Kotlin by building a simple app to validate a mobile number.
0 5 min read

Linting in Kotlin: A complete guide

Lint tools are used to help find errors and avoid poorly written code. Learn about linting in Kotlin and how you can get started...
0 6 min read

Using Fastlane for Flutter: A complete guide

Learn how to automate releases and deployments for Android and iOS apps built with Flutter through Fastlane.
0 5 min read

3 ways to implement Flutter in-app purchasing

Learn how you can implement in-app purchases (IAP) plugins into your Flutter applications with this walkthrough guide.
1 11 min read

Google Cloud Firestore and Realtime Database in Flutter

This article will show you how Google Firestore and Google Firebase Realtime Database can be used for Flutter applications.
0 10 min read

Data visualization with React and Ant Design

Learn how to use Ant Design for data visualization in your React apps with this quick, tutorial focused on the basics.
0 6 min read