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How React Hooks can replace React Router

Looking for an alternative form of routing in your React projects? Read more to find out how React Hooks can replace React Router.
Peter Ekene Eze
8 min read

Intro to React Native Camera

Learn about React Native Camera, a component for React Native that allows you to easily utilize a device's camera in your mobile apps.
Gapur Kassym
4 min read

Integrating Google Maps with React

Google Maps is flexible and powerful enough to handle a wide variety of use cases. Here's how to use it with your React app.
Ovie Okeh
5 min read

React Leaflet tutorial

Learn about Leaflet and its React counterpart, React-Leaflet, the open source and free mapping alternative to Google Maps and MapBox.
Leigh Halliday
4 min read

Fela: Writing state-driven styles for React and React Native

Discover what Fela is, why you should consider using it, and how it simplifies creating styles across multiple platforms.
Lorenz Weiß
4 min read

Sharing code with React Native for Web

Use React Native for Web, a React compatibility layer, to write React code that you can share between web and mobile apps.
Aman Mittal
4 min read

Fundamentals of functional programming with React

Learn about the functional programming concept and how React adopts it to write applications that are easier to test and maintain.
Ibadehin Mojeed
9 min read

Best practices for React iframes

A resource rendered in an iframe functions independently of the parent component and therefore is not affected by the parent component’s CSS or JavaScript....
Chiamaka Umeh
6 min read

Internationalization and localization in React Native

Learn how to internationalize and localize Expo and bare React Native mobile applications to make them globally accessible.
Ejiro Asiuwhu
4 min read

Run animations in React and React Native from one…

Learn how to create animations for both React web and React Native mobile apps without rewriting the code with this tutorial.
Vilva Athiban P B
7 min read

Getting started with React SyntheticEvent

Take a detailed look at React SyntheticEvent by comparing it to plain JavaScript events and running through a few examples.
Oyetoke Tobi
6 min read

How to play sounds in React Native using react-native-sound

A little ding for a new notification, a “whoosh” sound for an email sent, or a crumbling noise for deleting files goes a long...
Nitish Sharma
6 min read