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Password hashing in Node.js with bcrypt

Data breaches can cause damage worth millions, this article will show you how to use password hashing with the bcrypt library in Node.js.
1 6 min read

How to render HTML to React Native

Learn how to render HTML to React Native using the react-native-render-html library instead of having to rewrite code for target platforms.
0 5 min read

relative-deps: An alternative to npm-link for relative dependencies

relative-deps works by installing dependencies from a local checkout and keeping them in sync, all without the limitations of link.
2 4 min read

Build a micro-frontend application with React

Explore the concept of micro-frontends with examples, discussing their advantages over frontend monolithic applications and other available setups.
39 7 min read

Getting started with Pterodactyl Panel

Pterodactyl is a free, open source server management tool that provides the perfect platform to manage game servers with significantly less effort.
0 7 min read

9 essential VS Code extensions for TypeScript

Use VS Code extensions like TypeScript ESLint, TypeScript Toolbox, and TypeScript Importer to help configure and use TypeScript easily.
3 7 min read

The 8 best chart libraries for Vue

Explore the best chart libraries in Vue according to their data integration, maintenance, and attractive designs.
0 6 min read