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13 Stories by Timonwa Akintokun

Improving responsive data table UX with CSS

We review several approaches for using CSS to further optimize responsive data table UX to enable users to better access, analyze, and interpret data.
0 13 min read

Creating responsive data tables with CSS

We explore options for creating responsive data tables using CSS and techniques dor making them accessible and easy to use on mobile devices.
0 15 min read

Guide to CSS logical properties

Learn how to leverage CSS logical properties to enhance the flexibility and responsiveness of your web design.
2 8 min read

How to analyze your Next.js app bundles

Learn how to analyze your Next.js app bundles to identify areas for optimization, reduce your codebase, and improve app performance.
0 7 min read

Build customized data tables with PrimeReact

See how to build beautiful, customized data tables with PrimeReact. Add custom components and features like sorting and pagination.
0 7 min read

Creating smoother CSS transitions with Animate CSS Grid

Let's explore how to use the Animate CSS Grid package to animate and create smoother transitions for our grid.
0 6 min read

When and how to use CSS will-change

CSS will-change can hurt the performance of your website or application if used incorrectly. Here we review best practices for optimization.
4 6 min read

Deep dive into the CSS :where() and :is() functions

In this tutorial, we’ll look at the CSS :where() and :is() functions and show how they can be used in production and their differences.
1 8 min read

Understanding Vue.js touch events for Android and iOS

This article will explain what touch events are, the types of touch events, and how to implement touch events in Vue.js for Android and...
0 6 min read

Improving Next.js app performance with BlurHash

Learn how to use BlurHash to generate placeholder images for a Next.js application for improved app performance and user experience.
0 6 min read

Building a draggable slider in React

See how easy it is to create a draggable slider in React with the react-draggable-slider package with custom styling and animation.
4 8 min read

Using v-model in Vue 3 to build complex forms

Explore the v-model directive and learn how to use multiple v-model bindings on Vue components to simplify the creation of complex forms.
2 6 min read