Pelumi Akintokun Frontend developer and technical writer who is passionate about the web. Creator of websites that tell stories.


5 Stories by Pelumi Akintokun

Improving Next.js app performance with BlurHash

Learn how to use BlurHash to generate placeholder images for a Next.js application for improved app performance and user experience.
0 6 min read

Building a draggable slider in React

See how easy it is to create a draggable slider in React with the react-draggable-slider package with custom styling and animation.
2 8 min read

Using v-model in Vue 3 to build complex forms

Explore the v-model directive and learn how to use multiple v-model bindings on Vue components to simplify the creation of complex forms.
0 6 min read

Build a React theme switcher app with styled-components

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to build a custom theme switcher for a Game of Thrones-themed React app using styled-components.
1 14 min read

Deep dive into the CSS :where() function

In this tutorial, we introduce the :where() pseudo-class function and show how it can be used in production.
1 6 min read