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Getting started with React Cosmos

Not sure where to begin with React Cosmos? This guide will teach you how to develop React components in isolation.
Elizabeth Amaechi
4 min read

NativeScript vs. React Native

NativeScript and React Native make building elegant, production-ready, and scalable mobile apps with JavaScript easy. But, which is better?
Ejiro Asiuwhu
6 min read

A Python developer’s guide to React

Learn how to use React as a Python developer with this guide and by creating a contact manager application with Flask and React.
Ochuko Onojakpor
13 min read

Optimizing performance in a React application

Learn how to optimize your React application's performance to keep users engaged with a positive user experience in React applications.
Ibadehin Mojeed
9 min read

Creating a carousel with React Slick

React Slick is a carousel library offering accessibility and responsiveness features for your next React project.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
4 min read

React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation: Which is right…

React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation? We weigh the critical aspects of selecting the right navigation library for your app.
Zain Sajjad
6 min read

Using setState in React components

Calling setState in React lifecycle methods can be tricky. Learn more about how and when to apply each method for best results.
Nosa Obaseki
3 min read

Improve modal management in React with nice-modal-react

In this tutorial, we will explore nice-modal-react, which is a useful modal utility for React created by the developer team of eBay.
Madars Bišs
8 min read

React Native navigation: React Navigation examples and tutorial

Learn how React Navigation can help improve UX in your React Native app.
Emmanuel Yusufu
7 min read

Implementing CodePush in React Native

Add CodePush to your React Native application to easily deploy app updates directly to end users instead of through the Google Play and iOS...
Fortune Ikechi
4 min read

Introduction to React Native Maps

The React Native Maps library makes it easy to build maps into your app and build insights around your users' location data.
Gaurav Singhal
7 min read

Creating a navbar in React

Swing through this quick tutorial on building a navigation bar in React using Create React App and the react-router-dom library.
David Atanda
3 min read