Chinwike Maduabuchi

  Frontend developer passionate about software engineering.


7 Stories by Chinwike Maduabuchi

Create a responsive navbar with React and CSS

Create an intuitive navigation experience with responsive navbars using CSS and React Hooks.
0 7 min read

React Server Components in Next.js 12

React’s latest version of Next.js includes RSC, which improves load time of webpages by rendering everything on the server.
0 5 min read

Creating a carousel with React Slick

React Slick is a carousel library offering accessibility and responsiveness features for your next React project.
0 4 min read

Using Redux Toolkit’s createAsyncThunk

Learn how to use the createAsyncThunk API to perform asynchronous tasks in Redux apps and handle common errors.
0 4 min read

Using Chart.js in React

Learn how to use Chart.js, a popular JavaScript library for visualizing data, in your next React project with a bar chart example.
0 3 min read

What’s new in React Hook Form V7

React Hook Form V7 supports strictly typed forms with the help of TypeScript. See what else is new in the most recent release.
0 5 min read

Why is TypeScript surpassing Python?

TypeScript is slowly becoming more popular than Python. Find out why in this post exploring the areas where TypeScript outperforms Python.
1 4 min read