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Interesting use cases for JavaScript bitwise operators

We don’t often see bitwise operators in JavaScript, but they have some cool use cases.
5 13 min read

Anomalies in JavaScript arrow functions

Arrow functions can be considered regular JS functions with anomalies. Learn how to use that to your advantage.
0 14 min read

Programmatic file downloads in the browser

Blobs and object URLs exposed File downloading is a core aspect of surfing the internet. Tons of files get downloaded from the internet every day...
0 12 min read

Improve async programming with JavaScript promises

If you’ve written some asynchronous JavaScript code before, then you already have an idea about using callbacks and the issues with them. One major...
0 15 min read

Reactivity with RxJS: force press

Implementing press and hold using RxJS RxJS is a reactive programming library for JavaScript, which leverages Observable sequences to compose asynchronous or event-based programs. As...
0 11 min read

5 key Redux libraries to improve code reuse

Redux is a very popular state container used in so many modern frontend JavaScript applications. It is framework agnostic and can be used in...
0 15 min read

Lazy-loading components in React 16.6

Code-splitting and lazy-loading React components with Suspense and React.lazy() The new release of React 16.6 rolled in with some new features that can be...
2 5 min read

Pure Functional Components in React 16.6

Learn how to use and implement the new React.memo() API.
0 5 min read

How to build a custom date picker with React

Original Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash It is very common to see forms on the web that include one or more date fields. Whether it...
0 16 min read

JavaScript typeof: Understanding type-checking in JavaScript

A very important aspect of every programming language is its type system and data types. For a strictly typed programming language like Java, variables...
0 7 min read

React Redux Connect tutorial: When and how to use it

React provides two major mechanisms for providing data to components, namely props and state. While props are read-only and allow a parent component to...
0 10 min read

Validating React Component Props with prop-types

Learn how to improve your React components by validating props with prop-types. Props are a very important mechanism for passing read-only attributes to React...
0 8 min read