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22 Stories by Glad Chinda

Using Bootstrap with React: Tutorial with examples

Integrate Bootstrap in React for responsive design, covering CDN, React-Bootstrap, Reactstrap, and Sass tips.
8 18 min read

Programmatically downloading files in the browser

Learn how to programmatically download files in HTML, and the importance of blobs and object URLs in file downloads.
5 12 min read

A guide to JavaScript bitwise operators

In this article, learn about the various JavaScript bitwise operators, including NOT, AND, and OR, and their use cases.
8 15 min read

How to use React createRef

Learn how to use the React.createRef() method and useRef Hook in React to simplify creating refs and interact with the HTML DOM.
4 13 min read

How to validate React props using PropTypes

To pass props between React components, you can add them when the component is called, just like passing arguments when calling on a regular...
7 8 min read

Testing Node.js with Mocha and Chai

Demonstrate how to test a Node.js app with Mocha, including writing our own test suites and running Mocha tests in the browser.
12 18 min read

React Redux connect(): When and how to use it

The React Redux package provides React bindings for the Redux state container, making it very easy to connect a React application to a Redux...
0 13 min read

A complete guide to React default props

Demo three ways to implement default props in React, which are useful for having a fallback prop in case the user doesn't specify one.
2 6 min read

What are React pure functional components?

With the React.memo() API, you can enjoy the performance benefits that come from using functional components together with optimizations that come with memoizing the...
7 4 min read

React custom datepicker: Step-by-step

With a straightforward datepicker, your users are less likely to format date inputs incorrectly, improving the quality of the information provided to your application.
2 16 min read

JavaScript maps vs. sets: Choosing your data structure

JavaScript's Map and Set data structures, play a crucial role in working with the data we collect. Learn all you need to know in...
0 28 min read

Improve async programming with JavaScript promises

Learn what you need to know about async programming with JavaScript promises, including promises in parallel, in this comprehensive guide.
0 17 min read