Nefe James

  Nefe is a frontend developer who enjoys learning new things and sharing his knowledge with others.


29 Stories by Nefe James

Angular vs. React vs. Vue.js: Comparing performance

Compare the three popular frameworks, React, Vue, and Angular, to see which is a good fit by comparing their performance, ease of use, etc.
29 13 min read

Creating type-safe styles with Panda CSS

We explore how to use Panda CSS to author CSS styles, including creating conditional styles, type-safe styles, and custom theming.
0 7 min read

Getting started with Vue Select

In this post, we will learn about Vue Select, its features, how it works, and how to integrate it into a Vue.js application.
0 4 min read

React vs. Svelte: Performance, DX, and more

Compare the React and Svelte ecosystems based on ease of use, developer popularity, server-side rendering, and more.
0 6 min read

Building a prototype with Chunk

In this article, we will learn about Chunk, an excellent developer tool for easily writing server-side code.
0 3 min read

How to add dynamic styling and class names in Vue.js

Dynamic functionality is key to a great web experience. Let's explore how to add dynamic styles and class names to elements in Vue.js.
0 7 min read

Getting started with the View Transitions API

The View Transitions API opens up a new frontier of possibilities regarding the unique and pleasing experiences we can bring to the web.
0 4 min read

A guide to better state management with Preact Signals

Signals is a performant state management library with a set of reactive primitives for managing the application state.
0 7 min read

The guide to converting Angular apps to React

Learn about the considerations to make, the advantages and disadvantages of migrating, and the process of converting an Angular app to React.
0 12 min read

Applying Atomic Design to your Next.js project

In this article, we will focus on Atomic Design, learn its principles, and apply them to create a basic blog page in a Next.js...
1 6 min read

Choosing the best ecommerce platform for your Vue.js app

Learn how to decide which ecommerce platform is best for your Vue.js application.
0 6 min read

Demystifying edge functions

Learn all about edge computing and edge functions, and how they're enjoying increasing popularity for their wide variety of uses.
0 4 min read