Doğacan Bilgili

  A software developer who is also into 3D-modeling and animation.


13 Stories by Doğacan Bilgili

Building a React modal module with React Router

In this article, we’ll explore how to build a modal module for React with React Router and discuss the various aspects of modals.
3 8 min read

Customize a reusable React dropdown menu component

A dropdown menu consists of four basic components: the header wrapping, header title, list wrapping, and list items.
11 8 min read

Adding login authentication to secure React apps

Learn how to secure your React app by implementing basic server-side login authentication for an Express.js server.
7 11 min read

Deploying a decoupled monorepo project on Heroku

In this article, you'll learn the benefits of using a decoupled monorepo and how to deploy one to Heroku.
0 5 min read

Building a full-stack app with Next.js and Firebase’s Cloud Firestore

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set up Firestore's Cloud Firestore and communicate with the database through a Next.js app with API endpoints.
13 12 min read

Implementing WebSocket communication in Next.js

Learn how to integrate into Next.js to start a WebSocket connection to share information between the client and server in real-time.
21 5 min read

Creating a Puppeteer microservice to deploy to Google Cloud Functions

Discover how to use Puppeteer to automate basic interactions and deploy it on Google Cloud Functions to make it a microservice.
2 7 min read

Implementing user registration and authentication with Strapi and Next.js

Learn to use Strapi with Next.js to create an application that can register and authenticate users and persist sessions.
0 7 min read

Using dangerouslySetInnerHTML in a React application

Learn why you should use the dangerouslySetInnerHTML property in your React application and how to apply it safely within your code.
0 3 min read

Building a tag input field component for React

Ever wonder how to build a tag input field component for your React app? Here’s a quick tutorial to show you how.
4 5 min read

Controlling tooltips & pop-up menus with components in React

Use compound components to control tooltips and pop-up menus in your React applications, helping you keep your user interface clean and tidy.
2 8 min read

Building Figma plugins with React

Learn how you can use webpack to set up a Figma plugin project that establishes communication with a React-based UI.
2 11 min read