Elijah Agbonze

  I am a full-stack software developer from Nigeria. I love coding and writing about coding.


10 Stories by Elijah Agbonze

Implementing SSR in Next.js: Dynamic routing and prefetching

Delve into dynamic routing in Next.js, both on the client and server sides, and explore nested routing and query parameters with SSR.
0 15 min read

How to choose the best IDE for React Native

Choose the best IDE for your React Native project by comparing top choices including Visual Studio Code and WebStorm.
2 14 min read

Handling data fetching in Next.js with useSWR

Explore the basics of the useSWR Hook in Next.js, as well as working with reusable data fetching and pagination using the hook.
0 16 min read

Using Replit with Node.js to build and deploy apps

Build and deploy Node.js apps with Replit, an online text editor and IDE with powerful features for fast and collaborative development.
0 10 min read

Implementing service workers in your Next.js app

Service workers can enhance your Next.js app functionality and improve UX. Let's explore how to implement service workers with examples.
0 9 min read

Using React with Popper and styled-components

Let's look at how to use React with Popper, a JavaScript library that helps you manage your popovers easily.
0 14 min read

Understanding Next.js routeChangeStart and router events

Next.js routeChangeStart and other router events make it possible for us to listen to events regarding navigations from one page to another.
0 11 min read

Using Google Places autocomplete components in React Native

Google offers tons of APIs for accessing its map services, one of which is the Places API. The Places API primarily gives you information...
0 12 min read

Using the writeFileSync method in Node.js

Learn to use writeFileSync in Node.js, a method that allows us to create files, write to files, and update files synchronously.
0 8 min read

Create a Next.js and MDX blog

Follow this tutorial to build an interactive blog or documentation with pagination and styling that uses Next.js and MDX, with content entirely written in...
1 24 min read