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What’s new in React Native v0.65

React Native v0.65 is now upon us, and the performance optimizations and accessibility improvements make it an update worth talking about.
2 3 min read

Creating a pop-up modal in React Native 

Create three types of custom modals using react-native-modal to improve your user interface.
0 6 min read

Implementing swiper components in React Native

Take a look at five different methods to build React Native swiper components for various use cases using Expo.
0 15 min read

Using React Native Elements, a cross-platform UI toolkit

Explore the basics of using React Native Elements to speed up development and customize your user interface with visual icons.
1 6 min read

React Native and Expo SecureStore: Encrypt local data

Create a React Native project and use Expo SecureStore to store local data in iOS and Android that's encrypted and secure.
0 11 min read

React Native icons and fonts with react-native-vector-icons

We'll walk you through how to set up a bare-bones React Native project with TypeScript, configure react-native-vector-icons and link custom fonts with zero native...
0 6 min read