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Matching static and dynamic patterns in Nuxt 3

Explore practical examples of cool Nuxt 3 features, like better support for dynamic routes, partial matches on child routes, and more.
Peter Ekene Eze
4 min read

Using vue-clamp to truncate text in Vue apps

This tutorial uses the vue-clamp library to truncate text in your Vue app, which improves the readability and layout of your content.
Alexander Godwin
8 min read

Leverage Go workspaces for multi-module local development

In this article, we will explore what Go workspaces are and the various use cases you can explore with the workspaces feature.
Solomon Esenyi
4 min read

Design a search bar with intuitive autocomplete

Should your website have a search bar? Let's explore the main considerations for designing an effective search bar with autocomplete.
Ilma Andrade
7 min read

A guide to R8 and code shrinking in Android

Learn how to reduce the size of your mobile app via code and resource shrinking using R8 and Proguard rules in Android.
Anvith Bhat
6 min read

Creating a resume builder app in React Native

In this project, we will create a resume builder app to demonstrate some important practical skills and techniques for mobile development.
Kingsley Ubah
7 min read

Using Re.pack for large-scale React Native projects

Re.pack, the webpack-based toolkit, allows large-scale React Native apps to benefit from features like code splitting and module federation.
Zain Sajjad
7 min read

Storybook visual regression testing with Lost Pixel and React

Explore using Lost Pixel in your projects for detecting UI regressions. List Pixel is an open source tool that renders and compares actual images...
Kapeel Kokane
5 min read

Getting started with NextUI and Next.js

In this article, we will look at a new UI library for React and Next.js, NextUI, to build a simple ecommerce application.
Miracle Onyenma
11 min read

Creating Vue.js masked input fields

Implement masked inputs in Vue.js in this tutorial, which includes reference GIFs and images alongside code demos for the Maska library.
Emmanuel Odioko
7 min read

A guide to visual debugging with Vitest Preview

Vitest Preview is a powerful tool that helps you write and debug tests faster by allowing you to visualize your test in a browser.
Eze Sunday
6 min read

Designing a UX user flow for your app

Although a user flow may seem self-explanatory, you should make sure you're following these best practices.
Marcus Lyra
9 min read