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Preventing and detecting memory leaks in Android apps

Memory leaks can cause your Android app to crash, causing frustration and lower usage. Learn how to fix them in this guide.
Joseph Kimani
9 min read

How to pass a TypeScript function as a parameter

Follow this demonstration to understand TypeScript functions and how to pass them as a parameter in your apps.
Kealan Parr
3 min read

Mainnet vs. testnet environments explained

Learn about mainnet and testnet, how they're used in the blockchain ecosystem and their significance to developers when creating applications.
Idris Olubisi
3 min read

Build a location-aware application with Vue and Typesense

Typesense is a search solution that allows you to integrate search functionality into your project without having to write your own custom search logic.
Nyior Clement
10 min read

Build an image generator with Flutter and Go

Build a Flutter image generator app that reads data from a Golang backend and can run on Android, iOS, web, and desktop.
Emmanuel John
3 min read

Comparing Rust supply chain safety tools

These Rust tools will give you a modicum of security for minimal effort and improve the community’s supply chain security.
Andre Bogus
8 min read

Complete guide to authentication with React Router v6

React Router v6 is a huge improvement over previous versions. Learn how to handle user authentication with React Router v6.
Vijit Ail
6 min read

Cross-browser native lazy loading in JavaScript

Learn how to implement native lazy loading in JavaScript websites across all browsers using a polyfill approach.
Kingsley Ubah
5 min read

Understanding generics in Go 1.18

Learn about the addition of generics in Go 1.18 and how it compares to generics on other platforms like Rust.
Anshul Goyal
7 min read

Introducing CUBE CSS: An alternative CSS methodology

CUBE CSS is a CSS methodology that helps your CSS remain maintainable and scalable. Learn how it works (and how it compares to BEM)...
Nefe James
5 min read

Why you should use a Go backend in Flutter

Go-based backends bring numerous benefits for Flutter frontends. You can avoid time-consuming business logic rewrites by using Go modules in the Flutter app.
Shalitha Suranga
11 min read

Mastering typealias in Swift

In this article, we review some basic and advanced examples of the typealias function in Swift, which can help make code more readable and...
Rudrank Riyam
6 min read