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Build Custom Scrolling Modals in React Native with Modalize

Build custom scrolling modals in React Native with Modalize

Modals are an essential component of mobile app development. Learn how to build a custom scrolling modal with react-native-modalize.
Rupesh Chaudhari
6 min read
Build Fast Next.js-Like App Bun

Build a fast, Next.js-like app with Bun

We use the Bun bundler to create a fast, Next.js-like app with SSR and client-side hydration. We also explore Bun's JavaScript...
Clara Ekekenta
7 min read
7 Common Next.js Errors and How to Solve Them

7 common Next.js errors and how to solve them

Let's explore the causes and solutions of some common errors in Next.js that you may encounter during development.
Kingsley Ubah
6 min read
Building Next.js Apps With Materio

Building Next.js apps with Materio

Materio, a Next.js and React admin template, allows you to successfully customize your Next.js app with customizable, developer-friendly features.
Suraj Vishwakarma
5 min read
Guide To Using Ultrafetch To Boost Node Fetch Behavior

Using ultrafetch to boost node-fetch behavior

ultrafetch adds caching capabilities to fetch and node-fetch to address one of the major drawbacks of both implementations of the Fetch...
Antonello Zanini
6 min read
Getting started with the Zig programming language

Getting started with the Zig programming language

Zig is a new C-like programming language designed to provide a better programming experience over traditional C. Learn how to use...
Shalitha Suranga
14 min read
How To Configure A Path Alias In A React And Typescript App For Cleaner Imports, Better Organization, And Improved Maintainability

Using path aliases for cleaner React and TypeScript imports

Let's explore how to configure path aliases in a React and TypeScript app for cleaner imports, organization, and maintainability.
Oghenetega Denedo
4 min read
Comparing The Vue 3 Options Api And Composition Api For Component Creation

Comparing the Vue 3 Options API and Composition API

Vue offers two methods for component creation: the Options API and the Composition API. Let's compare their pros, cons, and use...
Ivaylo Gerchev
7 min read
React Server Components in Next.js 13

React Server Components in Next.js 13

Use React Server Components to effectively manage rendering and build apps that span the server and client.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
8 min read
Consistent Accessible Color Palettes OKLCH

OKLCH in CSS: Consistent, accessible color palettes

We demonstrate how to use the oklch() color model in CSS to create a variety of consistent, accessible color palettes.
Cristian Diaz
15 min read
Running React Express Concurrently

Running React and Express with concurrently

We explore how to set up and run React and Express together using the concurrently CLI tool for streamlined development workflow.
Vijit Ail
4 min read
Guide To Unit Testing In React Native

Guide to unit testing in React Native

Improve your React Native application with unit testing: testing small, isolated pieces of code such as individual functions or classes.
Chidume Nnamdi
12 min read