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Deploying a serverless API to AWS with Claudia.js

Learn how to use Claudia.js to deploy a serverless API to AWS and build and deploy an Express.js application to AWS Lambda.
Godwin Ekuma
3 min read

10 best practices for REST API design 

Follow the best practices for building REST APIs to create a solid backbone for your application to run smoothly.
Kasra Khosravi
4 min read

Intro to KubeVela: A better way to ship applications

KubeVela is a more enjoyable, app-centric, fully self-service tool for shipping applications to your Kubernetes clusters.
Geshan Manandhar
6 min read

A complete guide to the Node.js event loop

What exactly is a Node.js event loop, what this technology is good for, and is there a future for it? Find out in this...
Piero Borrelli
5 min read

Top React Native boilerplates for 2021

Compare the best boilerplates for React Native in order to get your project off the ground quickly and with the right tools
Carlos Mucuho
6 min read

React Native vs. Swift for iOS development

While Swift produces a more performant iOS app by default, that's not the only factor to consider when choosing between Swift and React Native.
Victor Jonah
5 min read

Server-side pagination in Angular with ngx-pagination

Learn how to implement server-side pagination in Angular with ngx-pagination for receiving large amounts of data in manageable pieces.
Favour Vivian Woka
4 min read

Building multi-step wizards with Formik and React Query

Learn how to build multi-step wizards in a small proof-of-concept application with Formik and React Query right here.
Caleb Mathew
15 min read

Using state machines with XState and React

Using XState and React to build state machines is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to handle state in any JavaScript application....
Ishan Manandhar
13 min read

Understanding computed properties in Vue.js

Learn the basics of using computed properties in Vue.js to set static or dynamic values to display on the template.
David Atanda
6 min read

Kotlin vs. Java for Android development

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of coding with Kotlin or Java for Android development in order to decide which language is right for you.
Levi Vaguez
4 min read

Flutter state management methods: An overview

Flutter offers a number of built-in methods for managing app state. Explore the pros and cons of each by following along with our tutorial.
Chidume Nnamdi
12 min read