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Dynamically managing state with Legend-State

Legend-State is a state management library that optimizes React apps for performance, scalability, and developer experience.
Jude Miracle
7 min read

Advanced page transitions with Next.js and Framer Motion

Here's a look at how to use Next.js and Famer Motion to apply subtle, elegant page transitions that add personality and style to your...
Francois Brill
7 min read

Implementing pull-to-refresh in React with Tailwind CSS

Learn how to implement a custom pull-to-refresh feature in React, using Tailwind CSS for styling and overflow behavior.
Emmanuel Odioko
6 min read

Using the React Testing Library debug method

Learn how to use the React Testing Library debug method to identify and analyze test errors, making it easy to debug your code.
Ibadehin Mojeed
9 min read

Facilitate app updates with Flutter upgrader

Explore different strategies for handling Flutter app updates using upgrader. Use upgrader to alert users and handle app version upgrades.
Alejandro Ulate Fallas
9 min read

Animate React components with a single line using AutoAnimate

Learn how to add animation to React components with a single line of code using the AutoAnimate library.
Nilanth Sriram
8 min read

Build a custom flashbar in React Native

Learn how to build and customize flashbar components in React Native according to practical requirements.
Shalitha Suranga
13 min read

Understanding SolidJS’ new batch function

If you are updating several unique signals, but you don’t want to run effects till they are all done updating, use batch in SolidJS....
Alex Merced
3 min read

What should a modern CSS boilerplate look like?

We review the must-have features and characteristics of a modern CSS boilerplate to get your CSS running in seconds.
Daniel Schwarz
6 min read

Build a durable pub-sub with Kafka in Node.js

Durable pub-sub builds make for faster apps. Learn why Kafka is a better choice for pub-sub over simple HTTP requests and more in this...
Rishabh Rawat
8 min read

Build a Slack bot with Slack Machine

Set up the Slack Machine, a robust and extendable framework that helps you develop your Slack workspace into a ChatOps powerhouse.
Wamaitha Nyamu
8 min read

Using Cap’n Proto in Rust to serialize and deserialize…

Cap'n Proto makes Rust object serialization and deserialization more efficient through the use of a schema. Let's explore how this works.
Oduah Chigozie
5 min read