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Intro to GraphQL with Prisma

This post is going to cover some basics about GraphQL, and then show how to use Prisma with your GraphQL instance.
Andrew Evans
10 min read

How to make your Angular 8 forms reactive

In this post, we'll look at various approaches of form handling.
Nwose Lotanna
4 min read

Popular React Hook libraries

In this post, we will look at popular React Hook libraries - both mainstream and custom (created by enthusiasts like you and me).
Raphael Ugwu
8 min read

Animations using React Hooks and GreenSock

We guide you through creating simple animations with Hooks and GreenSock, then move onto some advanced concepts.
Paul Ryan
6 min read

Design patterns in Node.js: Part 2

Learn about when and why you should use these four design patterns in Node.js.
Fernando Doglio
9 min read

Debug React applications with the new React DevTools

In this tutorial, we'll highlight the notable additions to the latest React DevTools release and demonstrate a few ways you can leverage its features.
Peter Ekene Eze
5 min read

Use cases for Node workers

A Node.js thread worker is a great option when you want to improve performance by freeing up the event loop. Read more about it...
Godwin Ekuma
5 min read

Creating a full-stack MERN application using JWT authentication: Part…

In part three of our tutorial, we configure our client-side React app and authentication methods.
Praveen Kumar
22 min read

5 Vue DevTools hacks you should be using

Learn how Vue DevTools can be used to manipulate Vue applications at runtime for a better debugging experience.
Jordan Irabor
3 min read

How to build a progress bar with React Native

You might ask why you would want to build one since there are React Native packages for progress bars. Ultimately, it comes down...
Jeremy Kithome
5 min read

New and potential ES2019 JavaScript features every developer should…

Read about new ES2019 JavaScript features and learn how to enhance your experience as a developer and increase readability.
Gbolahan Olagunju
5 min read

Methods for defining functions in JavaScript

The way you define a function in JavaScript will affect its behavior. We explore each way one by one.
Yash Agrawal
4 min read