Yan Sun

  I am a full-stack developer. Love coding, learning, and writing.


10 Stories by Yan Sun

Understanding guards in NestJS

Learn how to create fine-grained access controls using guards in NestJS with TypeScript, and test the guards using Postman.
0 5 min read

Phero: Build a type-safe, full-stack app with TypeScript

Phero is another TypeScript framework for building type-safe backend APIs for full-stack apps. Learn how to build with and migrate to it.
0 7 min read

Debugging your backend like a frontend with Sidekick

Learn how to debug with ease with Sidekick, a secure and lightweight, and non-intrusive debugging tool.
0 5 min read

Comparing 4 popular NestJS ORMs

Make choosing your NestJS ORM easy with this detailed guide to four of the most popular options: Sequelize, TypeORM, MikroORM, and Prisma.
6 10 min read

How to use the keyof operator in TypeScript

In this tutorial, learn to use the keyof operator in TypeScript with other features such as generics, mapped types, and template literal types to...
6 7 min read

Investigating the Angular typed form RFC prototype

The infamous issue #13721 for strongly typed reactive forms in Angular is finally slated for release in Angular 14. Learn about the prototype here.
2 7 min read

Build a serverless app with Node.js and OpenWhisk

Avoid the vendor lock-in you get with AWS and Azure and learn how to go serverless with Node.js and Apache OpenWhisk instead.
4 7 min read

Customize Angular lazy loading modules for multiple frontends

Learn how to maximize your code sharing and cleanly separate your different UI components and services for multiple frontend Angular apps.
0 6 min read

Inject dynamic content in Angular components with portals

Learn how to dynamically render content in your Angular components using Angular CDK portals in this in-depth tutorial.
0 5 min read

Type flowing: Rethinking the TypeScript typing system

Learn how to "think with types" and use TypeScript advanced types to build strongly typed systems and make your code safer.
0 8 min read