Jessica Srinivas

  Content marketing manager @ LogRocket


4 Stories by Jessica Srinivas

Leader Spotlight: Experience-driven culture with Mustafa Altay

We sit down with Mustafa Altay, Product, UX, and Service Design Director at Allianz-Turkey, to talk user data and building an experience-driven culture.
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Leader Spotlight: User feedback and the product roadmap with Rasmus Seeberg

Rasmus Seeberg, VP of Engineering at iPaper, talks to us about user feedback, the product roadmap, company culture, and employee retention.
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Leader Spotlight: Cultivating relationships and fostering collaboration with Scott Burgett

We sit down with Scott Burgett, VP, Software Engineering, at CoverMyMeds, to talk leadership, recruiting, and retention.
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Leader Spotlight: The evolution of DevEx with Vilas Veeraraghavan

We sit down with Vilas Veeraraghavan, Senior Director of Software Engineering, DevEx, at BILL, to talk dev tools, feedback, and the future of DevEx.
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