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Leader Spotlight: Turning uncertainty into opportunity with Jake Gutting

In this interview with Jake Gutting, he shares his experience working in a highly regulated industry that requires quick pivots in strategy.
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Leader Spotlight: Building a culture of over-communication with Nidhi Bhatnagar

We sit down with Nidhi Bhatnagar, VP of product management at DataStax, who shares insights into communication and customer feedback.
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Leader Spotlight: Promoting a culture of innovation with Ryan Johnson

We sit down with Ryan Johnson to get his insights on maintaining good customer experience while growing fast-scaling products and to discuss fostering a...
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Leader Spotlight: Chasing blue ocean strategy with Shibu Mathew

We sit down with Shibu Mathew to talk about identifying and defining new markets through iterative learning and experimentation.
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Leader Spotlight: Quantifying the impact of product marketing with Arun Lal

We sit down with Arun Lal to talk about product messaging, customer feedback, and measuring the impact of product marketing.
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Leader Spotlight: Creating hybrid methodologies with Ying Chen

We sit down with Ying Chen to talk about product marketing methodologies, customer feedback, and using AI to drive business value.
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Leader Spotlight: Creative problem solving with Monika Portman

We sit down with Monika Portman, Associate Vice President of Product Management at Cox Automotive, to talk digital initatives and more.
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Leader Spotlight: Promoting diversity in UI/UX with Juan Carlos Pontaza

We sit down with Juan Carlos Pontaza to talk UI/UX, diversity, and finding the special skill that makes you different.
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Leader Spotlight: Driving profitability through engineering with Danielle Cooper

We sit down with veteran tech leader Danielle Cooper to talk about driving profitability through engineering and balancing quality and efficiency.
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Leader Spotlight: Experience-driven culture with Mustafa Altay

We sit down with Mustafa Altay, Product, UX, and Service Design Director at Allianz-Turkey, to talk user data and building an experience-driven culture.
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Leader Spotlight: User feedback and the product roadmap with Rasmus Seeberg

Rasmus Seeberg, VP of Engineering at iPaper, talks to us about user feedback, the product roadmap, company culture, and employee retention.
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Leader Spotlight: Cultivating relationships and fostering collaboration with Scott Burgett

We sit down with Scott Burgett, VP, Software Engineering, at CoverMyMeds, to talk leadership, recruiting, and retention.
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