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RE:DOM vs. Svelte

We review the differences between RE:DOM and Svelte and establish which would be a better choice for various applications.
John Au-Yeung
6 min read

5 new CSS features you can test right now

In this guide, we'll focus on five new CSS features that you can already test in the stable version of at least one web...
Anna Monus
7 min read

What’s new in Laravel 8

Laravel 8 was released on September 8th, 2020. This release continues the improvements made in the previous release (version 7), as well as new...
Nkere-Awaji Inwan
8 min read

Getting started with MDX and Vue.js/Nuxt.js

In this component-driven era, MDX allows you to mix markdown and JSX seamlessly. In this article, we'll look at how to set up and...
Kelvin Omereshone
4 min read

Easy guide to JSON input validation in Rust web…

JSON input validation is a core concern in any modern web application, and the Rust ecosystem already has some great tools for dealing with...
Mario Zupan
10 min read

How to consume APIs with Vuex and Axios

Read what state management is, why and when to use Vuex for your Vue applications, and what actions, mutations, and getters are in Vuex.
Ukpai Ugochi
7 min read

The best Go tools for a better web development…

These are the most useful Go tools that every web developer should use for a seamless experience when coding in Go.
Okewole Oluwatobi
3 min read

More alternatives to Moment.js

There’s no doubt Moment.js is one of the most popular libraries in the JavaScript ecosystem, but now that it's considered a legacy project in...
Esteban Herrera
11 min read

Which Chrome DevTools improve accessibility?

This tutorial shows you how to boost accessibility with Lighthouse audits, Chrome's accessibility pane, and other features to improve user retention on your site...
Chiamaka Ikeanyi
5 min read

How to set up internationalization in React using Lingui.js

Here's how to integrate Lingui.js with a React app and add internationalization capabilities to your application.
Kasra Khosravi
5 min read

Nim vs Python: Which should you choose?

Check out this guide to Nim and Python to decide which program is best for your project.
Diogo Souza
7 min read

11 database drivers and ORMs for Rust that are…

In this guide, we'll compare some of the most popular and stable database drivers and ORMs available for Rust.
Anshul Goyal
5 min read