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Getting started with esbuild

Learn how to quickly and efficiently bundle TypeScript, React, CSS, and image files in this comprehensive esbuild tutorial.
Arjuna Sky Kok
9 min read

Options for optimizing caching in React

The biggest challenge regarding React is avoiding unnecessary renders, which cause major performance issues in applications. Avoid the problem with solutions for cache management....
Kasra Khosravi
6 min read

Top 5 decentralized app development frameworks

We compare popular decentralized frameworks used by blockchain engineers, including benefits, disadvantages, and networks.
Victor Jonah
11 min read

Visualizing data in Golang with go-echarts

Learn how to set up and install the go-echarts package, then build different charts like a bar chart, line chart, pie chart, and a...
Mohit Khare
4 min read

Understanding the Android activity lifecycle

Master the Android activity lifecycle to keep your mobile apps running smoothly when users interact with them.
Boemo Mmopelwa
4 min read

Writing smart contracts with Solidity

Let's look at the basics of a Solidity contract, as well as how to write, compile, deploy, and test the code using Remix IDE.
Simohamed Marhraoui
4 min read

Exploring Motion One from Framer Motion

In this article, learn about Motion One, a new animation library based on the Web Animations API from the developers of Framer Motion.
Georgey V B
6 min read

Comparing Kubernetes across GKE, EKS, and Azure

Kubernetes is an excellent choice for container orchestration, but the question for you is whether to run it on GKE, EKS, or Azure?
Gigi Sayfan
6 min read

Build native UI components in React Native

Curious about what native UI components are? Here's a quick tutorial on how to build and use them in React Native.
Rupesh Chaudhari
13 min read

Extending CSS when/else chains: A first look

Take a first look at the new @when/@else conditional rules, including some practical uses within style sheets.
Kingsley Ubah
4 min read

What’s new in Nuxt 3

The Nuxt 3 beta was launched October 2021. Look at the new features in Nuxt 3, as well as the installation process and how...
Elijah Asaolu
4 min read

Using Needle to send HTTP requests in Node.js

Learn how and why you should use Needle, a lightweight Axios alternative for making HTTP requests in enterprise-scale Node.js apps.
Atharva Deosthale
3 min read