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Creating visuals with react-native-masked-view

Use the React Native community masked-view package to create an opening animation like the Twitter iOS app opener animation in this post.
Shalitha Suranga
8 min read

Designing a landing page with the UX rule of…

The rule of thirds is a hidden rule in design but is everywhere you look. Let's look at how it can impact landing page...
Angela Fabunan
7 min read

Applying SOLID principles to TypeScript

The five SOLID principles of object-oriented class design facilitate the development of understandable, tested software that many developers can use at any time and...
Destiny Erhabor
5 min read

Understanding the dependency inversion principle in TypeScript

In this article, we will take a deep dive into understanding the dependency inversion principle in TypeScript.
Samuel Olusola
8 min read

Getting started with the View Transitions API

The View Transitions API opens up a new frontier of possibilities regarding the unique and pleasing experiences we can bring to the web.
Nefe James
4 min read

XML parsing in Swift: Tutorial with examples

Learn about Swift’s XMLParser, which allows you to manipulate XML files and offers features like namespace support.
Arjuna Sky Kok
7 min read

Creating a typewriter animation effect with only CSS

A typewriter CSS animation is easier to achieve than you may think. Let's explore how and why to create a typewriter animation with only...
Temitope Oyedele
6 min read

Using Figma’s auto layout

Figma’s auto layout was recently updated with some new features. Let's explore what these features are and how to use them.
Oriol Banús
6 min read

How to style scroll snap points with CSS

Scroll snapping is an interaction enhancement and is now a native CSS feature that helps users snap to certain scroll points.
Daniel Schwarz
7 min read

Privacy-friendly data tracking in React with walker.js

Learn about the growing importance of first-party tracking and how to implement it with walker.js in your React and Next.js apps.
Kevin Tomas
9 min read

Best CSS shape generators with demo

In this article, we will learn about the seven best CSS shape generators and how they allow us to generate any CSS shape of...
Onuorah Bonaventure
9 min read

Build a draggable to-do list with React Native Draggable…

Create a to-do list with React Native Draggable FlatList, which allows you to add, delete, mark as complete, and reorder to-do items.
Shad Mirza
5 min read