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React area chart comparison

In this article, we will build a very similar area chart in Victory, Recharts, and Nivo .
Leigh Halliday
4 min read

Comlink and web workers: A match made in heaven

Comlink is a relatively new JS library that makes working with web workers as intuitive as calling functions.
Odili Charles Opute
13 min read

Learn React Portals by example

This tutorial outlines a common use case for React Portal using a real-life example centering on tooltip component development.
Alexander Solovyev
5 min read

Electron IPC Response/Request architecture with TypeScript

Thanks to TypeScript we can abstract this entire logic into a cleanly separated and properly encapsulated application.
Kevin Hirczy
7 min read

Node worker threads with shared array buffers and Rust…

Node.js worker threads empower you to scale JavaScript code across many CPU and even GPU cores, since you can access GPU over Rust WebAssembly.
Tigran Bayburtsyan
4 min read

Next.js vs. GatsbyJS: A developer’s perspective

Whether you choose Next.js or GatsbyJS will ultimately depend on your use case.
Paramanantham Harrison
8 min read

How to build a web crawler with Node

In this article, we will learn how to build a web crawler that uses Node workers.
Jordan Irabor
6 min read

GraphQL + React for noobs

Our tutorial walks you through bootstrapping a simple React app that consumes a GraphQL API.
Ebenezer Don
6 min read

Handling interprocess communications in Electron applications like a pro

In this article, we’ll look at how to pass data between different windows (known as processes).
Obinna Ekwuno
5 min read

Using a headless CMS with React

If you need a traditional CMS but you're happy with your own React site, check out a headless CMS like Contentful for your publishing...
Ovie Okeh
13 min read

How to build performant web applications for slow networks

Performant web apps use offline caching and media handling techniques to improve performance and optimize the experience for users running on slow networks.
Obinna Ekwuno
4 min read

Frustrations in Python

Are there areas in your Python codebase that are breaking or cluttering your code? Find out in this tutorial about common frustrations in Python....
Nikita Sobolev
5 min read