Emmanuel John

  I'm a full-stack software developer, mentor, and writer. I am an open source enthusiast. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sci-fi movies and cheering for Arsenal FC.


37 Stories by Emmanuel John

Implement React Native in-app purchases for Android apps

Learn how to implement the react-native-iap package in an Android app in this detailed React Native tutorial with examples.
0 8 min read

Common TypeScript module problems and how to solve them

Avoid common module problems in TypeScript using the TypeScript compiler and module system.
0 6 min read

Best React Native in-app subscription libraries

Compare the features of five of the top React Native in-app purchase libraries that support subscriptions in the App and Play Stores.
2 8 min read

How to wrap, extend, or proxy a Vue component

Wrapping, extending, and proxying can increase the flexibility of your Vue components, but it's important to do it correctly. Learn how here!
0 12 min read

How Turbowatch compares to Nodemon

Compare the features and use cases for Nodemon and Turbowatch, two tools for file monitoring and application restarting in Node.js projects.
0 8 min read

A guide to native routing in Expo for React Native

Expo's new native router offers many exciting features, a handy link component, and more. Learn how to use them in this post.
0 8 min read

Diagnosing React Native crashes

In this post, learn how to diagnose and resolve the root causes of your errors when your React Native Android app keeps stopping.
1 5 min read

How to build keepAwake into your React Native app

Learn how to keep your users' screens active without draining power using React Native's KeepAwake functions.
0 5 min read

Promise handling for complex modals in Vue 3

Learn how to build a custom dialog component with promises, and compare libraries to achieve similar results in Vue 2 and Vue 3.
0 10 min read

Build complex SPAs quickly with vue-element-admin

Learn how to use vue-element-admin, a helpful admin dashboard starter template, to jumpstart your dashboard building process in Vue.
0 8 min read

Introducing Turbopack: A Rust-based successor to webpack

Learn about Turbopack, a new, Rust-based, Vercel-backed incremental bundler optimized for your JavaScript and TypeScript projects.
1 7 min read

Advanced uses of Dart mixins: Avoiding duplicate methods

Here, you can learn about Dart mixins and how you can avoid running into duplicate methods in Dart classes.
0 3 min read