Emmanuel John

  I'm a full-stack software developer, mentor, and writer. I am an open source enthusiast. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sci-fi movies and cheering for Arsenal FC.


13 Stories by Emmanuel John

Working with Node.js streams

Learn how to use Node.js streams to efficiently handle large amounts of data and handle errors in Node streams.
0 4 min read

Exploring advanced compiler options in TypeScript

Learn advanced TypeScript compiler options such as strictPropertyInitialization, noImplicitThis, noImplicitReturns, and strictNullChecks.
0 5 min read

Organizing TypeScript code using namespaces

TypeScript namespaces prevent bloated global scope and support distributed development. Learn when you'll need namespaces and how to use them.
2 3 min read

Dependency injection in Vue: Advantages and caveats

Learn how to use dependency injection for large and complex Vue projects to ease unit testing and improve code reusability.
6 3 min read

Pinia vs. Vuex: Is Pinia a good replacement for Vuex?

Compare documentation, learning curves, and use cases for the Pinia and Vuex state management libraries for your next Vue.js project.
0 5 min read

Overriding dependencies in the Angular injector hierarchy

Angular requires a good understanding of how dependency injection works. Learn this practical approach to parent-to-child dependency injection.
0 4 min read

Handling side effects in an Angular + Redux application

Learn how you can manage side effects to the Redux state tree in an Angular framework with the @ngrx/effects library.
0 5 min read

How dependency injection works in Angular

Ease testing, overriding, and altering of services using dependency injection in Angular, a design pattern for requesting dependencies.
1 5 min read

Angular modules: Best practices for structuring your app

Walk through the process of building a well-structured Angular application that enforces separation of concerns and reusability using modules.
1 4 min read

Angular In-memory Web API tutorial: Mocking CRUD APIs in Angular

Learn how to use Angular's In-memory Web API to make a simple CRUD server and create a functional frontend without requiring backend assistance.
0 7 min read

TypeScript mixins: Examples and use cases

Circumvent class constraints in TypeScript by using mixins, special classes that contain a combination of methods that can be used by other classes.
0 3 min read

Common TypeScript module problems and how to solve them

Avoid common problems in build processes in TypeScript using the TypeScript compiler and module system.
0 3 min read