Lewis Cianci

  http://lewiscianci.com.au/ I'm a passionate mobile-first developer, and I've been making apps with Flutter since it first released. I also use ASP.NET 5 for web. Given the chance, I'll talk to you for far too long about why I love Flutter so much.


20 Stories by Lewis Cianci

Sending emails in Phoenix using Swoosh

Create custom email templates using the Phoenix.Swoosh library, which lets you easily send emails to users of your site.
0 7 min read

How to debug Rust with VS Code

Many developers choose to debug their code in VS Code due to the fact that it is free and feels snappy to use on...
1 7 min read

How to use Android Debug Bridge for advanced troubleshooting

Learning how to use the Android Debug Bridge and its powerful features is a must for any serious Android developer.
0 6 min read

Using Flutter Rust Bridge for cross-platform development

Creating a Flutter app with native Rust functionality can be useful for many reasons. Let's explore how with Flutter Rust Bridge.
0 11 min read

Adding CarPlay to your Flutter app

Let's explore how to add CarPlay functionality to a Flutter app using the flutter_carplay package to add value to your app experience.
1 7 min read

Comparing the best TypeScript IDEs

Compare the best TypeScript IDEs in terms of extensibility, performance, debugging ability, and more.
3 8 min read

Creating reactive forms in Flutter

In almost every app that you develop, sooner or later there will arise a need to capture user input. Fortunately, capturing text inputs is...
0 8 min read

How to parse JSON strings in Flutter

It can be more difficult to parse JSON strings in Flutter compared to other languages. Let's learn how to encode and decode JSON in...
0 7 min read

How to create PDFs in Flutter

When it comes to sharing documents, there’s no better way than using a PDF. Learn how to create and share PDFs in Flutter.
5 10 min read

Nativizing PWAs with Window Controls Overlay

Learn how to use the Window Controls Overlay functionality for progressive web apps to make them more native.
0 8 min read

Best IDEs for Flutter in 2022

Compare 2022's best IDEs for Flutter based on ease of use, extensibility, performance, and debugging ability.
3 9 min read

Creating a game in Three.js

Develop games using Three.js, a 3D library that provides an easy way to load models, and allows users to play the game within their...
0 25 min read