Eshiet Ekemini

  A graduate of University of Uyo and a tech enthusiast, Ekemini has been building for mobile for two years, with a particular focus on Kotlin and Flutter.


9 Stories by Eshiet Ekemini

Creating a multi-step form in Flutter using the Stepper widget

The Stepper widget in Flutter comes to the rescue when it comes to forms and provides us with lots of helpful customizations.
0 5 min read

Persisting application state with Hydrated BLoC in Flutter

Hydrated BLoC provides persistence for blocs or cubits so users don't have to re-enter data each time they launch the app.
0 4 min read

Using Supabase for authentication in Flutter

Seamlessly incorporate authentication in your applications with Supabase, an open source alternative to Firebase that can run on various platforms and is free to...
0 6 min read

Kotlin vs. Flutter for Android development

Dive into the pros and cons of mobile app development with Kotlin and Flutter to make an informed decision for your next project.
12 7 min read

Flutter form validation: The complete guide

Form validation is an invaluable skill for Flutter developers. Use this comprehensive guide to explore the most common methods.
4 10 min read

Building your first DApp with Flutter and Solidity

Create a simple smart contract in Solidity and deploy it within your application using Flutter.
5 7 min read

Choosing the right database for your Flutter application

Learn about the SQL and NoSQL options for databases in Flutter, including sqflite, Hive, Firebase, and more.
1 8 min read

Migrating your Flutter project to null safety

Learn the step-by-step process involved in migrating an old project to null safety, announced with Flutter 2.0
0 3 min read

Achieving responsive design in Flutter

Flutter's community has created packages that make responsive design easy for your Flutter projects. Learn how to use FlutterScreenUtil in this tutorial.
0 5 min read