Eshiet Ekemini

  A graduate of University of Uyo and a tech enthusiast, Ekemini has been building for mobile for two years, with a particular focus on Kotlin and Flutter.


6 Stories by Eshiet Ekemini

Building your first DApp with Flutter and Solidity

Create a simple smart contract in Solidity and deploy it within your application using Flutter.
4 6 min read

Choosing the right database for your Flutter application

Learn about the SQL and NoSQL options for databases in Flutter, including sqflite, Hive, Firebase, and more.
0 8 min read

Migrating your Flutter project to null safety

Learn the step-by-step process involved in migrating an old project to null safety, announced with Flutter 2.0
0 3 min read

Achieving responsive design in Flutter

Flutter's community has created packages that make responsive design easy for your Flutter projects. Learn how to use FlutterScreenUtil in this tutorial.
0 5 min read

Introduction to form validation in Flutter

This post will provide you with a broad grasp of how a neat, scalable implementation of form validation works in Flutter.
0 7 min read

Kotlin vs. Flutter for Android development

What's Flutter, what's Kotlin, and what should you use when developing your next mobile app? Learn more in this article.
9 6 min read